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Alan Munn amunn at gmx.com
Tue Nov 16 21:16:14 CET 2010

Hi Anand,

On Nov 16, 2010, at 2:40 PM, Anand Ramaswamy wrote:

> Hi Alan,
> Thanks for the sample file. It solved my immediate problem but it
> creates another problem because somehow bibunits is incompatible with
> chapterbib...
> so although my publications show up in the root document as intended
> the references to chapter bibliographies in individual chapters show
> up as "?" in the final compiled document. When I comment out bibunits
> in the include package in the root document the problem goes away but
> then I cant put my references in the root document as I would like.
> any idea how to get around this?

As I said, I'm not very familiar with chapterbib, but it seems that  
bibunits provides all of the functionality of chapterbib, so you  
probably shouldn't use both at the same time. Do you need a separate  
bibliography for each chapter?

If so, then after each chapter should look schematically like this:


This works whether or not the chapter is in your root document or  
inserted with \include{}.

If you don't have chapter bibliographies, but you have a single  
bibliography for all of the chapters following your vita, then you can  
just put your regular citation commands and bibliography commands and  
don't need a \bibunit{} environment except for the vita publication  

If the problem you're having (given your comment about ? references)  
is that bibtex isn't finding all the aux files, make sure you are  
using the pdflatexmk engine (as I suggested in my sample file.)   
Bibunits works by creating a different aux file for each bibunit, so  
bibtex needs to be run on each of them.  The pdflatexmk (or latexmk)  
engine is aware of these aux files, and so will run bibtex correctly  
on each of these aux files; if you just run compile your file with the  
regular TeXShop engine and use the TeXShop bibtex menu item, the  
bibunit aux files won't be found.

So the simple solution is use the (pdf)latexmk engine, and use only  
bibunits, not both bibunits and chapterbib.



Alan Munn
amunn at gmx.com

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