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> Ferguson, Don wrote:
>> Vector Drawings
>> ===============
>> I've been reading Oetiker's manual on LaTeX2e and somewhat overpowered by
>> his discussion of "Producing Mathematical Graphics". I don't know Mac
>> software yet. Is there not some vector drawing program that could be used
>> on the iMac and the resulting drawings saved as EPS or PostScript or ....?
>> If there is, I'd appreciate a hint. Need to be able to create simple,
>> coloured drawings to augment my work.
> VectorDesigner works beautifully for this, as it exports both PDF and EPS of
> whole documents, or just selections from them. But it costs a little bit of
> money, maybe around 70 USD.

I highly recommend VectorDesigner. OmniGraffle is a good choice as well. I
recommend avoiding Lineform. While I think it used to be a great
program, it isn't
really being maintained and I've had a lot of problems with it on the
newer OS versions.
I recently tried to just open an old Lineform document and export it
to PDF and it
crashed every time on the PDF export.

Many people like Intaglio, but I haven't used it.

There's a really nice comparison of the major Mac drawing apps (aside
from Illustrator)




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