[OS X TeX] Need help collaborating with Windows user

Gerrit Glabbart g.glabbart at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 13 00:10:47 CET 2010

2010/3/12 John B. Thoo <jthoo at yccd.edu>

> As for Amy's set up, this is what she's said:
>  I am Using MikTex 2.7 on a Dell, windows XP Professional 2002, service
>> pack 3.
Right. I believe MikTeX is a very popular and well-supported distro on
Windows, and it's supposed to be particularly clever about installing
necessary packages on the fly. I'm guessing this is not your problem, but
I'm not terribly familiar with MikTeX -- this *is* the MacTeX list, after
all! ;) Again, though, the software in use appears outdated, as their
website lists the current version as MikTeX 2.8, with no automatic upgrade

  Peter since asked for her available disk space,

If she has massive amounts of available space: TeX Live is available for
Windows now...

Re.: text encoding -- that's often worth looking into, but if both of you
are using plain English only, then different text encodings might not cause
any problems at all; IIRC, all the commonly used encodings (MacRoman,
Latin-1, UTF-8, etc) share the same ASCII table, it's umlauts and accents
and diacritics where the fun really starts!

As for eps, pdf, and dvi: what Peter and David said.

-- Gerrit.
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