[OS X TeX] Need help collaborating with Windows user

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Fri Mar 12 23:13:51 CET 2010

Am 12.03.2010 um 21:56 schrieb John B. Thoo:

> If not "latex" and DVI (which are with what I'm comfortable), then  
> what?  All my figures have been converted to EPS and I use graphicx  
> to include them. (I also use vi to edit my files.  I suppose that I  
> am in the Dark Ages still.)  Any direction would be appreciated.   
> I'm willing to modernize, but I don't know how.  Thanks.

Direct PDF output is now state of the "black art" (German saying).  
Packages like epstopdf allow inclusion of EPS graphics files which are  
actually converted to PDF with Ghostscript. So Ghostscript needs to be  
installed. The direct convertor is pdflatex. See: texdoc pdftex.

> Peter: You also asked "Which are her private TeX files? (And which  
> are yours?)"  I don't understand the question.  Are you referring to  
> files outside of our project together?

Yes. TeX also searches in a tree of private CLS, STY, BIB, etc. file  
types. On a Mac these files are in ~/Library/texmf. The PK files are  
saved in ~/.texlive<year of TeX Live distribution>. I don't know it's  
on MS Losedos, but the personal trees take preference over the system  

> And Peter forwarded this:
>> Include all images in a portable PNG (or JPEG) format. Add a  
>> \listfiles line to the preamble(s) to get in the LOG an exact list  
>> of file versions. Insert an input encoding statement for TeX and  
>> also one as a text comment for the editor programmes used.
> I'm sorry Peter, for again I don't quite understand.  (I'm very  
> embarrassed by my TeX ignorance and ask for your patience.  Thanks.)
> - About including all images in a portable PNG format, do you mean  
> for me to use "convert" to convert all my EPS files into PNG?

PNG was chosen as an example, best for bitmapped formats, with EPS as  
input PDF is more adequate for output.

>  Do I still keep the EPS?

No, after conversion they can be put aside and archived.

>  Do I continue to use graphicx and \includegraphics{...}?

Yes, no change needed – given that you omitted the file name extensions.

> - When you say "Add a \listfiles line to the preamble", do I put  
> that anywhere before \begin{document}?


> - And as far as inserting an input encoding statement, I have  
> absolutely no idea what you mean.


(\usepackage[full]{textcomp} can be used additionally to type  
interesting characters). More information from the command line via:

	texdoc inputenc

Usually another line is also included:


Again, texdoc will provide more information. The chosen T1 font  
encoding is useful for 8-bit scripts, English can exist with OT1 –  
which is the default.



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