[OS X TeX] Need help collaborating with Windows user

John B. Thoo jthoo at yccd.edu
Fri Mar 12 21:56:16 CET 2010

First, thanks to Gerrit Glabbart, Sr Sur, Peter Dyballa, and Santosh  
Ansumali for their replies.

Both Gerrit and Peter asked why I'm still using TeXLive-2007 when it's  
now 2010.  Gerrit guessed correctly that I  belong to the "if it ain't  
broke, don't fix it" crowd.  In fact, TL-2007 is my first TL install;  
I had been using teTeX until then.  But, you have both shamed me into  
upgrading to TL-2009 this morning and, I'm happy to say, it seems to  
compile the book project OK.  (Whew!)

Peter also asked:

> Why "latex," i.e., why DVI output from computer middle ages? Who is  
> going to guarantee that the generated PK files have the same content  
> and their glyph shapes are equal in dimensions and quality and  
> resolution?

If not "latex" and DVI (which are with what I'm comfortable), then  
what?  All my figures have been converted to EPS and I use graphicx to  
include them.  (I also use vi to edit my files.  I suppose that I am  
in the Dark Ages still.)  Any direction would be appreciated.  I'm  
willing to modernize, but I don't know how.  Thanks.

As for Amy's set up, this is what she's said:

> I am Using MikTex 2.7 on a Dell, windows XP Professional 2002,  
> service pack 3.

Peter since asked for her available disk space, which TeX  
distribution, which editor and which is its behaviour in terms of  
interpreting information delivered in the file's header, and her LOG  
file(s)!  I'll do that.

Peter: You also asked "Which are her private TeX files? (And which are  
yours?)"  I don't understand the question.  Are you referring to files  
outside of our project together?

For suggestions, Sr forwarded this:

> Maybe the problem is with the codification of the text!!.
> Usually TS users use a occidental Mac OS Roman codification. If she  
> use
> TeXWorks (that use UTF-8 codification as default) is easy to change  
> the
> codifiication in the Preferences>editor>codification (I think is the  
> same in
> the windows version) and change it to Mac Roman option.

I will relay that to her.  Thanks.

And Peter forwarded this:

> Include all images in a portable PNG (or JPEG) format. Add a  
> \listfiles line to the preamble(s) to get in the LOG an exact list  
> of file versions. Insert an input encoding statement for TeX and  
> also one as a text comment for the editor programmes used.

I'm sorry Peter, for again I don't quite understand.  (I'm very  
embarrassed by my TeX ignorance and ask for your patience.  Thanks.)

  - About including all images in a portable PNG format, do you mean  
for me to use "convert" to convert all my EPS files into PNG?  Do I  
still keep the EPS?  Do I continue to use graphicx and  

  - When you say "Add a \listfiles line to the preamble", do I put  
that anywhere before \begin{document}?

  - And as far as inserting an input encoding statement, I have  
absolutely no idea what you mean.

Thank you all again very much.

Yours sincerely,


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