[OS X TeX] Need help collaborating with Windows user

Sr Sur igaoss at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 13:59:23 CET 2010

Hi John!!

Maybe the problem is with the codification of the text!!.

Usually TS users use a occidental Mac OS Roman codification. If she use
TeXWorks (that use UTF-8 codification as default) is easy to change the
codifiication in the Preferences>editor>codification (I think is the same in
the windows version) and change it to Mac Roman option.

And then when she use your .tex files it should work...

I hope this helps!!.


On 12 March 2010 06:25, John B. Thoo <jthoo at yccd.edu> wrote:

> Hello, everyone.
> Please excuse me if this post is inappropriate for this list; I'm not sure
> to where else to turn.
> I'm collaborating with a friend on a book project.  Let's call her Amy.
>  Amy uses Windows.  She has had trouble trying to compile the LaTeX files
> I've written.  I set up a Subversion repository for the project, but Amy has
> had trouble installing Subversion on her computer.  She managed to grab some
> of the files, but then had trouble compiling them.  So, after much time, I
> zipped the project files (from my Desktop) to see if she could compile that:
> <http://ms.yccd.edu/~jb2/PickUp/trunk.zip>  (344.9 MB)
> <http://ms.yccd.edu/~jb2/PickUp/interitemtext.sty>  (local .sty file
> called)
> The main file is "narrowhom.tex".
> This is what she's said:
>  Hi John,
>> I tried to download the zip file twice. After about 45 minutes and almost
>> a
>> complete download, the connection to your server was severed.  :-(
>> I had a friend here how does Mac and PC look at the files. We were getting
>> lots of errors when compiling, even in things I did not touch. It appears
>> that even though Tex is supposed t be portable, it is not. My Tex could
>> not
>> figure out what \Oonehunderd was for example. It did not like any of the
>> citations. It also wouldn't import the images without the .gif, etc. So it
>> appears to us that my PC version of Tex is not as forgivable as your Mac
>> version.
>> For now, I have attached my revised version of chapter 1. I hope I did not
>> make too many syntax errors. Please let me know if it compiles.
>> I hope we can find a better fix soon.
> I'm at a loss to help her because I'm completely ignorant about using
> Windows.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
> What should I ask Amy about her set up, so that I can provide you the
> information you need to help?  For my part, I'm using TeXLive-2007, Mac OS
> 10.5.8, PowerBook G4 (12 inch).  I use "latex", "xdvi", &c. in X-Windows and
> not, e.g., TeXShop.
> Thanks very much in anticipation.
> Yours sincerely,
> ---John.
> (I receive the digest version of this list, so a cc of any reply would be
> appreciated.  Thanks again.)
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