[OS X TeX] asy (darwin)

roberto avanzi roberto.avanzi at online.de
Fri Jun 18 19:50:37 CEST 2010

On Jun 18, 2010, at 17:17 , Herbert Schulz wrote:

> Howdy,
> Do you mean the download? The download should be about 1.5GB, just a bit larger than MacTeX-2009 was. There is some additional documentation and some packages come and some go.

No, the download has increased a bit, but as Victor Ivrii has said, there's about 180 Mb of extra material, which is in part because of the larger footprint of the binaries.

I am compiling everything I have.

> Remember that this is a pretest!!! You may run into a glitch or two.

Until now, nothing, and I edited a LNCS volume for Springer, until now everything seems to compile fine.

Two issues remaining from 2009

- xe(la)tex does not seem to call gnuplot if I use gnuplot from tikz

- pdflatex also does not support gnuplot 4.4: in the file


  I have to change
    \xdef\pgf at gnuplot@head#1{set terminal table; set output "#1.table"; set format "%.5f"}
    \xdef\pgf at gnuplot@head#1{set table "#1.table"; set format "%.5f"}

where ** = 09 or 10.

I understand that tex probably cannot determine the version of gnuplot at runtime, but there was a change in syntax IIRC with gnuplot 4.3, and pgf/tikz does not support that yet.

Apart from that, I still have to incur in glitches. But I am not really doing a complete testing, I only test with the files from several authors (about 50) that I can compile myself ;-)


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