[tex-live] [OS X TeX] texlive.infra: "local version is newer"

Justin C. Walker justin at mac.com
Fri Jun 11 23:48:11 CEST 2010

On Jun 7, 2010, at 08:15 , Victor Ivrii wrote:

> On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 11:04 AM, Patrick Wambacq
> <Patrick.Wambacq at esat.kuleuven.be> wrote:
>> I am seeing the following message in TLU:
>> texlive.infra
>> status: local version is newer
>> installed: 18166
>> remote: 17958
>> when trying to update. This is the output of tlmgr --version:
> This question could be answered ONLY by TL team and I forward your
> question there
> My own versions of texlive.infra coincides with remote and tlmgr
> --version returns 17811
> It looks like your local version numbers are not right but they are in
> TL2009 rather then TL2010 range

I think I've been bitten by a version of this:

TLU (Mac OS X) tells me, for example, that 'a2ping.universal-darwin'  
has local version 16044, and remote version 9317.  I have a whole  
batch of similar entries and no others (i.e., all either match or are  
newer on the local system).

When I run the update, each of these generates the message 'unhandled  
status "r "' (from tlu_ipctask).

Things were working well until I tried an update sometime yesterday  
evening (or early this AM, PST).

Something going on at the factory?  I've tried updating several times,  
all with the same results.


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