[OS X TeX] edit spell check dictionary

Charles Pugh cpugh at math.toronto.edu
Sat Jan 2 21:39:16 CET 2010

Hello  --

Thanks for the suggestions.  I had never opened a binary.  "Somewhat  
encoded" is an understatement.  I'd hoped to find a list of words and  
prune it.  That doesn't look possible currently.

Another idea.  A while ago, was there not a feature of some email  
programs alerting the writer about being too angry?  Bad words were to  
be flagged.  I didn't use the feature, just vaguely remember reading  
about it.  As an add-on to a spell checker it might do what I want.   
Newspaper writers could certainly use an "affect" versus "effect" flag.

Is there a place at Apple to make such a suggestion?  The Mac forums  
there seem mainly designed for belly-aching.

Best,  Charles Pugh

On 2-Jan-10, at 11:19 AM, Peter Dyballa wrote:

> Am 02.01.2010 um 16:14 schrieb Herbert Schulz:
>> The problem is that he wants to do the reverse of the usual  
>> behavior. He doesn't want to add a new word to the spell checker  
>> but rather remove a word (fro---as in `to and fro') from the  
>> spelling dictionary so it gets flagged as an error. I don't see a  
>> way of negating a word already in the dictionary.
> Ah, I understand now: the "fro" is already in the default system's  
> dictionary! (And was not added by the user.) The directories /System/ 
> Library/Services/AppleSpell.service/Contents/Resources/<lang>.lproj  
> contain only binary, i.e., somehow encoded, dictionaries and a DAT  
> file which probably has rules by which a word is constructed from  
> its stem form...
> So Charles has three options: Snow Leopard, or a different speller,  
> free or shareware or commercial, or trying to choose another setup/ 
> language choice – maybe with some help from Apple via their Bug  
> Reporter.
> And an experimental choice: renaming any of the bindict* files in / 
> System/Library/Services/AppleSpell.service/Contents/Resources/ 
> English.lproj to possibly get rid of this word "fro." Which would  
> make it necessary to kill the service and restart it afterwards, for  
> example by logging off and in again, or using the command line...
> --
> Greetings
>  Pete
> The day Microsoft makes something that doesn't suck is the day they  
> start selling vacuum cleaners.
> 				– Ernest Jan Plugge
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