[OS X TeX] Arial font

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Fri Feb 5 00:14:57 CET 2010

Hello JT.

On 05/02/2010, at 9:12 AM, Jung-Tsung Shen wrote:

> A proposal requires the use of Arial font. I have searched the mailing
> list and learned that there are very little differences between
> Helvetica and Arial. The posts also mentioned several different
> commands that allow the use of Helvetica.
> However, when opened the compiled PDF, there it clearly says the font
> used is Helvetica. I figured better to use genuine Arial font to avoid
> any problems. I then downloaded the fonts and had them installed
> according to the installation guide came with the fonts, but it
> failed. I searched the list and but could not find convergent
> descriptions on how to install such font (but have tried almost each
> of those methods ...).
> Could someone help me on this?

Sounds like you should be using XeLaTeX  as your TeX engine.

> Thanks.
> JT

Hope this helps,


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