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Thu Oct 29 20:33:15 CET 2009

Am 2009-10-28 um 12.15 schrieb André Bellaïche:
> « all typesetting is done by the author. » In your dreams! as we say  
> in French.

Same here in Germany.  ;-)

> Don't you know how much time is spent in a small publishing house
> - teaching TeX or LaTeX to authors
> - transforming ugly Scientific Word output into real LaTeX
> - correcting funny ideas about math typography.
> - teaching typography
> - teaching mathematical writing:
> - making macros for the authors.
> - solving font issues, accented character issues, PC-Mac issues.
> - helping authors for figures,
> - making all the final work to get, say, uniform

… and much more like that, if you work for more than one publisher.   
In my case it’s less teaching but more reworking stuff, e.g.,

-- writing and maintaining classes, packages, BibTeX styles, demo  
files and templates for the authors who use LaTeX,

-- converting the word stuff of those who don’t, including
   - having lots of fun with the output of those who don’t use Word  
properly (if there is any way to use Word properly which I’m still not  
convinced of),

-- editing, cropping, improving, … figures, and 

-- typesetting the article, preparing proof and final versions. 

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