[OS X TeX] Stumped by behavior of modified marginpar

Lee Witt leedwitt at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 01:14:28 CET 2009

I use Latex for 99% of the items I distribute to my classes. I'm  
currently using a Macbook Pro, OSX , 2 GB ram. I typically use a  
slight modification of the margin par command to insert hints,  
references, or other items, on handouts, tests, etc. I've never had  
any problem with my approach, whether on my mac or on a windows machine.

I usually use Texshop version 2.26, but the same thing occurs with  
Aquamacs Emacs (I'm not sure it wouldn't have, but I thought I'd check).

However, I have recently stumbled on some strange behavior when I use  
pdfsync. Here is a short sample program. Please excuse the
relatively boring content - I needed enough material for the problem  
to be clear.) The code is here.

% Here is the problem command
\newcommand{\aside}[1]{\marginpar{\raggedright \footnotesize \itshape  
Here is enough text to make a good-sized paragraph. \newline
You will need to do some computer work for these problems. If you use  
Scilab, copy and
		paste the console commands\aside{In an assignment or handout, I use
		these notes to give hints or references to similar topics.} to the  
end of your submitted work (as has been done
		in several handouts). If you use Excel, clearly explain how you  
obtained the answers,
		and save the Excel file in case I have questions.
			\begin{tikzpicture}[thick, myvert/.style={draw,shape=circle,%
			minimum size = 4mm, text centered}]
			\foreach \x in {1,2,3,4,5}{%
			\node[myvert] at (72*\x:5) (v\x){$v_\x$};}
			\foreach \x in {1,2,3,4}{%
				\foreach \y in {2,3,...,5}{%
					\draw (v\x) -- (v\y);}}

When I compile this there are no error messages in the console - the  
pdf file is generated. However, the text in my "aside" doesn't have  
any linebreaks. If I comment out the ``\usepackage{pdfsync}''  
instruction, and compile, all works as intended.
This doesn't seem to be font dependent - I get the same behavior with  
a couple other fonts. I usually use several other
packages (fancyhdr, fancybox, booktabs, nothing exotic) - neither  
their inclusion nor their exclusion has any influence on the issue  
I've described.

I'm far from a programmer, and even further from being an expert with  
Latex. I'm probably missing something simple, I realize. Any help will  
be much appreciated.
"From the rocking of the cradle, to the rolling of the hearse, the  
going up is worth the coming down."
Lee D. Witt
leedwitt at gmail.com
lee.witt at davenport.edu

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