[OS X TeX] Problem with LaTeXit

Michael Braun braunm at MIT.EDU
Wed Mar 4 22:35:02 CET 2009

Hi.  Hopefully this is an appropriate mailing list for this question  
(if not, can you please point me in the right direction?)

This is question about LaTeXiT 1.16.1, which I would like to use it to  
embed LaTeX equations in my Keynote presentations.  I am running Mac  
OSX 10.5.5, and I have TeXLive installed as my TeX distribution.  I  
have no problems at all compiling or viewing LaTeX documents on my  

However, I cannot seem to get LaTeXiT to work at all.   For example,  
suppose I just want to display an alpha.  The source that LaTeXiT  
generates is:


\pagestyle{empty} \begin{document}$\displaystyle \alpha

The problem is that there is really no pattern to what happens when I  
run this in LaTeXiT.  The first time, it might work, but then if I add  
a subscript, like \alpha_i, I'll get nothing.  And then if I go back  
to \alpha, I get nothing.  But usually, I won't even get \alpha the  
first time.  If I try displaying simple text or numbers, it's usually  
in some kind of corrupted, poorly spaced default font, and not a  
standard, nice-looking LaTeX font.  (It looks like what you'd get in a  
pdf file if the fonts aren't configured correctly).  Sometimes  
deleting the fr.club.ktd.LaTeXiT.plist file helps, but usually not.   
Clearing the history never helps.  There are no errors in the log that  
I can see.

This is not a problem just with greek letters.  If I enter \int_0^x, I  
get the 0 and the x, but no integral sign, and the 0 and x are in  
position, but in that ugly, sans-serif font that just looks like a  

I'm sorry I can't describe this output better, but I can provide  
images of this output if it would be helpful (I didn't want to post  
images to the message board).  But I would appreciate any help someone  
on this list can offer.  Thanks in advance.

Best wishes,


Michael Braun
braunm _at_ mit.edu

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