[OS X TeX] citep and citet did not work in MacOSX-TeXShop

Chris Skeels Chris.Skeels at unimelb.edu.au
Sat Feb 21 22:55:16 CET 2009

On 22/2/09 6:07 AM, "Alan Munn" <amunn at msu.edu> wrote:

> This code won't really help, since we don't have access to your bib
> file or your bibliography style. (There is no natbib bibliography
> style per se, just bst files that work with natbib.  Perhaps you
> meant to use the plainnat style?

%% This is file `natbib.bst', generated
%% on <1995/5/9> with the docstrip utility (2.2i).
%% The original source files were:
%% merlin.mbs  (with options: `head,\MBopts')
%% physjour.mbs  (with options: `\MBopts')
%% merlin.mbs  (with options: `tail,\MBopts')
%% (\def\MBopts{ay,nat,seq-key,nm-rev,dt-beg,yr-par,note-yr,vol-bf,
%%              volp-com,isbn,jabr,etal-it} )
%% ----------------------------------------
%% *** Sample .bst file for use with NATBIB.STY (v5.3 or later) ***
 % The original source file contains the following version information:
 % \ProvidesFile{merlin.mbs}[1995/05/06 3.1 (PWD)]
 % This file may be used for non-profit purposes.
 % It may not be distributed in exchange for money,
 %   other than distribution costs.
 % The author provides it `as is' and does not guarantee it in any way.
 % Copyright (C) 1994, 1995 Patrick W. Daly
 %   For use with BibTeX version 0.99a or later
 % This bibliography style file is intended for texts in ENGLISH
 % This is an author-year citation style bibliography. As such, it is
 % non-standard LaTeX, and requires a special package file to function
 % Such a package is    natbib.sty   by Patrick W. Daly
 % The form of the \bibitem entries is
 %   \bibitem[Jones et al.(1990)]{key}...
 %   \bibitem[Jones et al.(1990)Jones, Baker, and Smith]{key}...
 % The essential feature is that the label (the part in brackets) consists
 % of the author names, as they should appear in the citation, with the year
 % in parentheses following. There must be no space before the opening
 % parenthesis!
 % With natbib v5.3, a full list of authors may also follow the year.
 % In natbib.sty, it is possible to define the type of enclosures that is
 % really wanted (brackets or parentheses), but in either case, there must
 % be parentheses in the label.
 % The \cite command functions as follows:
 %   \cite{key} ==>>                Jones et al. (1990)
 %   \cite[]{key} ==>>              (Jones et al., 1990)
 %   \cite[chap. 2]{key} ==>>       (Jones et al., 1990, chap. 2)
 %   \cite[e.g.][]{key} ==>>        (e.g. Jones et al., 1990)
 %   \cite[e.g.][p. 32]{key} ==>>   (e.g. Jones et al., p. 32)
 %   \citeauthor{key}               Jones et al.
 %   \citefullauthor{key}           Jones, Baker, and Smith
 %   \citeyear{key}                 1990

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