[OS X TeX] citep and citet did not work in MacOSX-TeXShop

Alan Munn amunn at msu.edu
Sat Feb 21 20:07:42 CET 2009

At 1:35 PM -0500 2/21/09, Kuo-Hsien Chang wrote:
>I generate my bib file using BibDesk and the "cite" function works 
>fine in TexShop.
>I have similar problem to use "citep" and "citet" functions in TexShop. 
>If you know how to deal with this problem, please give me a hand.

Since you don't actually say what the problem is, it's very hard to 
help. Also, particular bits of latex code don't work or not work 
within TeXShop, since TeXShop is just an editor.

What do you think doesn't work?

\citep gives you a citation that should look like [Jones, 1999] while 
\citet should give you a citation that should give you the same as 
\cite (which you say is working.)

>The following is my code:
>\citep{Chapman:1993jx,Chapin:1995df}, ....\citet{Janzen:1998fc}...

This code won't really help, since we don't have access to your bib 
file or your bibliography style. (There is no natbib bibliography 
style per se, just bst files that work with natbib.  Perhaps you 
meant to use the plainnat style?

Be more explicit in describing the problem, and someone might be able to help.


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