[OS X TeX] Style File or Example of a 'Smallish' Book

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Wed Feb 18 00:11:02 CET 2009

On Mon 16th Feb, 2009 at 17:11, Iraj Kalantari seems to have written:

> Dear Experts,

[Note: This query wasn't actually addressed to me...]

> I have interest in producing a 'smallish' booklet for my students on some 
> material.  I wish to prepare a booklet of size, say, 3"X5" (or there about) 
> with ~100 pages that could be carried in pocket.
> Does anyone have advice?

It depends what you have in mind. I produced an A5 booklet for an
organisation which wanted it set-up so that it would be printed on A4
ready to fold and staple as an A5 booklet. There are a few
likely-looking packages but the one I settled on is called booklet.
Although this is supposed to be compatible with geometry (which is
excellent) it didn't work that way for me. According to my notes (it's
a while since I did this), I ran the document through geometry first to
get the dimensions right (i.e. I used geometry to do the calculations)
and then removed the call to geometry and set the dimensions manually
using the results. Other than this, it worked pretty-much as

Depending on how bothered you are about the appearance, you may find
the calc package useful. I seem to have ended up setting a good many
lengths myself rather than accepting the defaults. I think this was
because the defaults "looked wrong" for A5 (as opposed to A4) pages but
it was also because the content of the booklet meant I had a great many
very short sections which may not apply in your case.

I can always send you a skeleton file if you think it would be useful.
It wouldn't be directly usable as it calls a customised (mess of a)
class which gathers all sorts of bits and pieces but the preamble
itself could be adapted and used with whatever class you were using.

- cfr

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