[OS X TeX] Style File or Example of a 'Smallish' Book

Paulo Ferreira paf at keeh.net
Wed Feb 18 00:57:52 CET 2009

On 2009/02/16, at 23:11, Iraj Kalantari wrote:

> Dear Experts,
> I have interest in producing a 'smallish' booklet for my students on  
> some material.  I wish to prepare a booklet of size, say, 3"X5" (or  
> there about) with ~100 pages that could be carried in pocket.
> Does anyone have advice?
> Thank you.
> Iraj.

I needed an A5 book so I used Koma-Script.

My tip is about folding the book.

After making the pdf of the book in A5 size, make a PDF of A4 size  
with two pages side by side, and print A4 sheets.

Then cut the pages in half, and you have two "books" to join with  

Here goes my  clumsy and stupid script  to "explode" and rejoin one  

Warning:   run in a directory with only one pdf on it!


Paulo Ferreira

ORIGINAL=`ls *.pdf`
pdftk $ORIGINAL  burst
for i in *.pdf ;  do
A="`basename $i .pdf`a.pdf"
B="`basename $i .pdf`b.pdf"
echo $A
echo $B
cp $i $A
cp $i $B
rm $i

pdftk *.pdf cat output combined.pdf
pdfnup combined.pdf

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