[OS X TeX] BibDesk ver 1.3.20 released

Adam M. Goldstein a.m.goldstein at mac.com
Tue Feb 17 22:44:53 CET 2009

Greetings all,

The BibDesk project team is proud to announce the release of BibDesk  
version 1.3.20.

You can find a link to the download at the BibDesk home page:


The release notes are pasted in below.


BibDesk Release Notes

Last update: 12 February 2009 (rev 14269)

Changes since 1.3.19

New Features
	• New import AppleScript command to add publications from a text  
format and from a PubMed search
	• AppleScript support for generating templated numbered citations
	• The Script menu now also allows non-AppleScript scripts and .app  
	• Improved template and AppleScript support for numbered items, for  
use in templated citations
	• BibDesk can now automatically fill citation info from PubMed for  
dropped PDFs when a DOIor PII could be found. Can be disabled through  
a hidden preference
	• Added download support for links in the built-in browser
	• Support for the arXiv in the web group
	• Improved AppleScript support for rich text
	• Initial support for Open Meta tags of linked files. Accessible  
through AppleScript and readable in the Skim Notes window
	• You can now color publication items using the Colors panel
	• Change shortcut for citation drawer
	• Add clickable and dragable icon in corner of URL fields and support  
drag & drop for files and URLs in those fields
Bugs Fixed
	• Reopen empty or default database when reactivating BibDesk, if  
	• Remove system proxy usage, since it breaks z39.50 searching when a  
user actually has a proxy set. Thanks to Sergei Mariev for testing  
	• Improve template support
	• Improvements to PubMed and RIS parsing and export
	• Make sure smart group condition sheet always allows adding new  
	• Fix loading an external file group containing relative links
	• Don't try to parse invalid RIS as RIS, so it can be handled manually
	• Publications and groups are now tracked through a unique ID, so  
their reference won't be invalidated when items are added
	• Fix week-based date checking in smart groups
	• Respect the file type when exporting templated rich text using  
	• Fix some memory leaks
	• Fix proxy icon in publication window
	• Fix AppleScript support for smart group conditions
	• Fix a potential crasher in script groups
	• Fix several leaks
	• Fix a potential crasher when dropping on tables
	• Really suppress auto-filing when adding a file telling to suppress  

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