[OS X TeX] OS X fonts in LaTeX/alternative figure styles in Latin Modern

Dr. Clea F. Rees cfrees at imapmail.org
Fri Oct 10 17:31:22 CEST 2008

A while ago, I installed a large number of fonts for use with LaTeX.
These included both many fonts included in OS X (but not covered by
gtamacfonts) and freely available fonts found elsewhere. I wanted to
figure out how it was done, basically.

If anybody would like copies of the support files I generated, just let
me know which font and I will see if I installed it.

The files are almost entirely untested. They worked for me. The OS X
fonts are those supplied with 10.4.

Support files typically include: .afm, .tfm, .vf, .map and .fd files.
Sometimes there are .enc files, too. There is almost always a minimal
.sty file. Sometimes this calls a modified version of nfssext.sty. I 
consider the latter to be extremely fragile and very unlikely to work 
as intended in all cases.

Because most of the fonts in OS X are in formats TeX can't use
directly and it is illegal to distribute the fonts themselves, in most 
cases you would need to unwrap them in order to use them. That means you 
need something like fondu installed and you need to extract the 
(usually) .ttf files. That is, there is no installer or script to do 
this for you. I would have no idea how to produce one. You can make use 
of the support files I prepared only if you:
1. have or install fondu or equivalent
2. unwrap the OS X fonts if necessary (and it usually is necessary)
3. install the unwrapped fonts and the support files correctly (I can
explain how to do this but there's no installer or script)
4. the support files turn out to actually work on your machine as
opposed to mine.

Most of the fonts are installed with the T1 encoding, with TS1 if
applicable. Sometimes this is modified. For example, Skia includes a 
number of fancy ligatures. To accommodate these, I had to use slots 
ear-marked for other characters. This means that characters normally 
available in T1 will not appear correctly.

Finally, because most of the fonts in OS X are truetype, the fonts only
work with pdfLaTeX. Ordinary TeX can't use them. (This is also true of
the fonts available through the gtamacfonts setup.)

I also generated an alternative set of support files for the Latin
Modern fonts. These are much better tested. Essentially, they make it
easy to switch between different sets of figures - old style/lining,
tabular/proportional etc. This also requires the modified version of
nfssext.sty but it seems to work fairly well for these purposes. The
files "piggy-back" on the support provided by the default Latin Modern
installation. In particular, the style file uses the original support
files for maths fonts. The alternative setup only affects some of the 
support files for text fonts. The main reason I produced them was that I
couldn't find a package which provided sufficiently flexible support
for different styles of figures in text. That is really the only reason
I can think somebody might want to use them rather than lmodern.

All files should be considered highly experimental though I've been
using my alternative Latin Modern support as my standard font package
for almost everything for quite a while now without any problems.

- cfr

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