[OS X TeX] Autorotation again

Roberto Avanzi roberto.avanzi at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 21:27:25 CEST 2008

Until a couple of days ago I used to modify /usr/texbin/simpdftex
to add a -dAutoRotatePages=3D/None parameter to the ps2pdf13 call.

I would change lines 488-497 as follows

	if [ "${distillerfilter}" = "yes" ]; then
		/bin/echo "### ${distillerprog} <${psfile} >${pdffile}"
		"${distillerprog}" "-dAutoRotatePages=3D/None" <"${psfile}" >"$ 
{pdffile}" || \
			{ /bin/echo "### FAILED to generate ${pdffile} (${status})"
			  exit 1; }
		/bin/echo "### ${distillerprog} ${psfile} ${pdffile}"
		"${distillerprog}" "-dAutoRotatePages=3D/None" "${psfile}" "$ 
{pdffile}" || \
			{ /bin/echo "### FAILED to generate ${pdffile} (${status})"
			  exit 1; }

I made a TL updare (using tlmgr) this morning and noticed that some
pages were again rotated automatically.  The /usr/texbin/simpdftex file
had been modified (updated?) and thus I modified the likes again. Now,
the result at the end of a compilation had become

-dvar=name requires name=null, true, or false
### FAILED to generate /tmp/altpdflatex.90958-1223061711/wurzel- 
utalca.pdf ()

How can I turn autorotation  off again?



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