[OS X TeX] Wanted: editor with special skills

Dominikus Heinzeller siegfried_ohneland at gmx.net
Wed Oct 1 16:32:56 CEST 2008

Dear MacTeX Users,

I am a new member of this mailing list, so please forgive me if this  
question came up before. I switched to Mac about a month ago,  
previously using Windows (and Linux for the real stuff like  
astrophysical simulations). I am very happy with this decision and I  
also managed to get almost everything running in a similar or better  
way than before.

However, I have one specific question concerning a reasonable editor  
for LaTeX. Under Windows, there is an excellent software called  
WinEdt, which has one special feature I really need and which I could  
not find thus far for any editor available under MAC: read-and-write  
translations. This means that when a file is read from the disk, a  
certain combination is replaced and displayed with another one. For  
example, in the ASCII file on the disk there is a text passage  
"r{\'e}sum{\'e}e". The translation mechanism recognizes {\'e} and  
converts it into é, producing a résumée in WinEdt. This has the big  
advantage that the text is readable, spell checking is possible and at  
the same time, the ASCII file is really platform independent (since it  
contains only non-special characters). When typing with a French  
keyboard in WinEdt, I can also use the special characters such as é,  
which makes typing very fast. The internal translation mechanism  
converts é back to {\'e} when saving the file on the disk. Along with  
that, WinEdt provides perfect support of LaTeX features like an IDE  
and has a very convenient spellchecker. If, by hazard, anyone knows an  
editor capable of that, please tell me. I am also willing to pay for  
it in case it is shareware (so is WinEdt). Thank you!

Best regards,


Dr. Dominikus Heinzeller
Institute for Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics
University of Kiel, Germany
email: dominikus at heinzeller.eu
cell: +49-170-7744149
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