[OS X TeX] weird indentation

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sun Feb 24 19:57:05 CET 2008

On 25/02/2008, at 5:08 AM, Herbert Schulz wrote:

> Hate to burst your bubble but I see the difference in indentation  
> and I'm running under 10.5.2 (which shouldn't have anything to what  
> is going on anyway).
> I notice that if I change the first argument of the  
> \setdefaultleftmargin to 7mm or larger everything seems to be  
> alright. I haven't looked at its definition but I suspect that is  
> where the indentation is coming from.

This is defined in the  paralist.sty  package.
What version do you have?  Mine has:

           [2002/03/18 v2.3b Extended list environments (BS)]

Is there a earlier or later version, perhaps containing an error?
(An extra space token, that affects the first entry only,
is a possibility for this kind of effect.)

> Good Luck,
> Herb Schulz
> (herbs at wideopenwest.com)

Hope this helps,


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