[OS X TeX] Re: AMS-TeX, graphics, and TexShop

Alan Shuchat ashuchat at wellesley.edu
Sat Feb 9 04:10:09 CET 2008

> > I have many AMS-TeX files (amsppt.sty) created in Textures, am now
> > using TeXShop, and would like to use these files without a lot of
> > rewriting. I've figured out how to add an AMS-TeX typesetting
> > option to TeXShop but don't know how to include the graphics when I
> > typeset. I can copy the graphics out of Textures and save them as
> > pdf files, but can I use them that way?

 From Alain Schremmer:
> Yes, the graphic file 361-34.pdf can be inserted with the package
> graphicx as follows
>                 \includegraphics[scale=1]{361-34}

Thanks, but typesetting with AMS-TeX (not LaTeX) gives:

!Undefined control sequence.
l.33 \includegraphics

 From Bruno  Voisin:
> Remarks and questions:
> - OS X Textures (Textures 2.2) is alive <http://www.bluesky.com/ 
> news/220b.html
>  >. It doesn't have yet all the functionality of Classic Textures
> (Textures 2.1), but is progressing.

Thanks - I just found about 2.2.

> - How were you including the graphics? Which macros were you using:
> pics, picmacs, boxedeps, epsf? Or were you using \special directly?
> - What was the format of the graphics? External files (in PICT or EPSF
> format), or pictures pasted in Textures' picture window?

These were primarily Mathematica graphics pasted in the Textures  
picture window.


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