[OS X TeX] \includegraphics question

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Nov 29 10:47:09 CET 2007

Le 29 nov. 07 à 08:33, Robert Bruner a écrit :

>> $ pdftops -eps websurvey_pg1.pdf
>> So, what gives?  Why is not the PDF *or* the EPS alone sufficient for
>> latex to do its thing?  It's more of an annoyance than anything,
>> because I end up having to generate an EPS file for every PDF I want
>> to include.
> What I am about to say is embarrasssingly obvious to Terminal users,
> so I apologize if I am wasting your time, but this can be done
> quickly.  In tcsh you'd say
> foreach f (websurvey*pdf)
> pdftops -eps $f
> end
> In (ba)sh the syntax would differ, but the idea's the same.
> Crude though, and doesn't address the real question of course.

On Mac OS X, "apply" allows a command to be applied repeatedly to a  
number of files. As in, for converting all .pdf files in the current  
directory to EPS format:

apply pdftops -eps *.pdf

That said:

- pdftops isn't part of OS X. I take it you mean the pdftops that's  
part of the xpdf tools compiled for OS X at <http://users.phg-online.de/tk/MOSXS/ 
 >. Beware: the tools have been recently recompiled as universal  
binaries based on a more recent version of the sources, even if the  
name xpdf-tools-3.dmg hasn't changed.

- For such manipulations, a very useful add-on is epspdf by Siep  
Kroonenberg from this list and available at <http://tex.aanhet.net/epspdf/ 
 >. It's essentially a GUI for the xpdf tools, dealing with  
conversions between EPS and PDF. I haven't attempted to install it on  
Leopard yet, but I don't think any problem should arise. Don't forget  
to get also epspdf.app, allowing epspdf to be launched as an  
application from the Finder.

- I can't think of any reason why TeXShop would need both EPS and PDF  
versions of a file to run. You must have inadvertently compiled your  
LaTeX file with TeXShop in TeX + GhostScript mode the first time, and  
in pdfTeX mode the second time.

Bruno Voisin
(back to fighting with Mathematica 6 to get it to compile code written  
and optimized for Mathematica 5; what a nightmare!)

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