[OS X TeX] Using gtamacfonts on Leopard

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Nov 22 11:16:14 CET 2007

Le 22 nov. 07 à 10:19, Peter Dyballa a écrit :

> Am 22.11.2007 um 00:22 schrieb Bruno Voisin:
>> Hence it seems either a bug in Fondu, or a bug in pdfTeX which  
>> couldn't deal with the .ttf files produced by Fondu.
> This could also be a "bug" in the font itself: the glyph's name  
> rectified. Then /usr/local/gwTeX/texmf.gwtex/fonts/enc/dvips/ 
> gtamacfonts/ec-hoefler.enc would need an update on Leopard. Or it's  
> from \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}: does the TeX file fail the same  
> way with LY1 and T1 input encoding?

I just checked by converting the test file to Mac OS Roman encoding,  
and replacing \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} by \usepackage[applemac] 
{inputenc}: same problem. I also tried to replace \usepackage[T1] 
{fontenc} by \usepackage[LY1]{fontenc}: no change.

Actually the problem lies, exactly as you said, in the font itself and  
in the encoding files in /usr/local/gwTeX/texmf.gwtex/fonts/enc/dvips/ 

- The enc files refer to the glyph ä under the name a_dieresis, and  
similarly for the other glyphs a_tilde etc. This glyph is expected at  
position 228.

- Opening the file HoeflerText.ttf created when installing the TeX i- 
Package under Tiger, and corresponding to version 5.0d7e2 of the font,  
the glyph ä is indeed at position 228, with name a_dieresis. Many  
thanks to Herb Schulz for sending off-list a copy of this file  
yesterday night.

- Opening the file /usr/local/gwTeX/texmf.gwtex/fonts/truetype/ 
gtamacfonts/hoefler/HoeflerText.ttf created when installing the TeX i- 
Package under Leopard, and corresponding to version 6.0d7e1 of the  
font, the glyph is still at position 228, but its name is now  
adieresis (without the underscore).

Screenshot at <http://homepage.mac.com/bvoisin/.cv/bvoisin/Sites/.Public/Hoefler.png-zip.zip 

Thus it seems that in the version of Hoefler shipped with Leopard, all  
underscores have vanished from glyph names. Probably a short-term fix  
for gtamacfonts (untested) would be to edit manually the encoding  
files inside /usr/local/gwTeX/texmf.gwtex/fonts/enc/dvips/ 
gtamacfonts/, to suppress the underscores.


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