[OS X TeX] convert .tex file to .html

Josep M.Font jmfont at inicia.es
Sun Nov 18 20:56:19 CET 2007

El 18/11/2007, a las 4:25, Richard Koch escribió:

> In the pulldown menu next to the Typeset button, select htlatex.

Strange feature of TeXShop: The new engine "htlatex" is shown in this  
pulldown menu but not in the "Typeset" menu in the main menu bar of  
the program. Is this OK ? It would be logical that if one adds more  
engines then these are shown in both places (actually, I had the  
typeset button and menu in the document's toolbar disabled, as for me  
the standard menus in the main manu bar are OK, hence I was not  
seeing the new engine anywhere, until I turned them on).

By the way, I always wanted to comment that the organization of this  
"Typeset" menu of the menu bar does not seem very logical to me. It  
contains the choice of the typesetting engine (choosing between  
plain, LaTeX, ConTeXt) and the script (pdftex vs ghostscript), which  
together determined how a .tex file is typeset, but it also mixes  
them with the choice of totally different auxiliary programs such as  
MakeIndex, BibTeX, MetaFont or MetaPost. As I said, I find this  
logically inconsistent, ot disturbing. I would be in favour of a  
separate "Tools" menu, with a "Run tool" option with function similar  
to the "Typeset" option in the "Typeset" menu. It is odd for me to  
select "BibTeX" and then "Typeset" in order to run BibTeX! Curiously,  
the "button menu" appearing in the toolbar lists only the engines and  
the tools, not the scripts.

More radically, why not separate the three issues in three different  
menus, where the first one could be called, as in TeX parlance,  
"Format" rather than "engine", the second "Script", and the third  
"Tools". Less radically, at least I would separate the tools from the  
engines or formats by an hline in the menu, as happens now with the  
scripts, and call the main "action" option "Run" rather than "Typeset".

Finally, I am slightly confused about the meaning of the term  
"engine" in TeXShop's Preferences. Is it consistent with the "engine"  
as used in the Help and in the folder's name "Engines"  ? Am I mixing  
up things ?


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