[OS X TeX] Leo's Spotlight doesn't find sty, lco, engine files

Friedrich Vosberg fvosberg at mac.com
Sat Nov 17 16:45:56 CET 2007

Am 02.11.2007 um 13.30 schrieb Adam M. Goldstein:

> On Nov 2, 2007, at 5:30 AM, RA Friedrich Vosberg wrote:
>> Spotlight in Tiger (MacOS X 10.4.x) has found sty, lco and engine  
>> files in subdirectories of ~/Library. But now in Leo (MacOS  10.5)  
>> it doesn't. At least almost not. Because if I create a new  
>> Spotlight smart folder in Finder sty, lco and engine files are  
>> displayed in this folder. But if I stroke Cmd+Space and look for  
>> it, nothing will be found.
> Did you go into terminal and use the "mdimport" command? Use "man  
> mdimport" to see how to use it. This will index whatever you tell it  
> to.

Maybe I do not understand the man page. But I can not find there any  
hint how to enable mdimport to grab all the sty, engine and lco  
(letter class option) files without using an importer plugin. But that  
I do not possess.

The most curious is, that Spotlight can find all those files when  
searching for them by Cmd+F in the Finder. But doesn't when using the  
lens in the menue bar. So I think it's not a problem of importing the  
files into the meta database. It's an issue of displaying the files in  
the lens list.


HTH and kind regards, Friedrich

»Ein Wunder ist, was man nicht erklären kann aber kein Recht zu  
leugnen hat.« (Anita Albus)

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