[OS X TeX] Duplicate texi* executables on Leopard

Berend Hasselman bhh at xs4all.nl
Wed Nov 14 14:13:22 CET 2007

I replied to Dick's message without  checking the To field or by  
clicking on the wrong object.
Here is my answer.



On 13 Nov 2007, at 20:08, Richard Koch wrote:

> Berend,
> I'm not very anxious to do this. We've always tried to be rather  
> conservative with MacTeX, and the notion of messing with something  
> which Apple installed doesn't appeal to me very much. (!!)

Ok. But why does Apple put something in there that calls programs that  
are not there? I was rather surprised.
Currently I have renamed the four scripts/executables to XXX.old.
Dirty but it works and I haven't thrown anything away.

> Could we find another solution? What calls these scripts? Some of  
> the TeX tools should look in the TeX binary directory regardless of  
> path setting, I think.

> Do you call these yourself from Terminal, and if so when you modify  
> your PATH to put /usr/texbin first, does that solve the problem for  
> you?

I made an engine for TeXShop. It only contains texi2pdf "$1" so that I  
wouldn't have to run LaTeX, BibTeX and possibly Makeindex manually  
enough times  to resolve all references. (On windows systems I use  
MiKTeX and texify to do this).

Until now I assumed that this would run /usr/texbin/texi2pdf.
I should have checked.
Nowadays I use the latexmk and pdflatexmk engines whenever I am  
editing/previewing with TeXShop.

I call(ed) texi2pdf from a script in Terminal (many times).
I do this for testing purposes (many LaTeX runs) and generated  

I haven't put /usr/texbin first (yet) since I get a PATH when bash  
starts with /usr/texbin somewhere in the middle (because /usr/texbin  
will then be searched twice, which is against my sense of neatness.).

My PATH is modified in .profile to have . in front  (Windows heritage)  
and $HOME/bin at the end.
I have no idea how to move /usr/texbin (somewhere in the middle) to  
the front.

Moving /usr/texbin to the front of PATH would solve my issue.
Also I want to use the texlive MacTeX things and not something  else  
that is "old".


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