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Roussanka Loukanova rloukano at
Fri Mar 23 10:46:20 CET 2007

On Thu, 22 Mar 2007, Axel E. Retif wrote:
>>>> From within Emacs, I can't get preview in TexShop updated, and if I close 
>>>> TexShop, then it opens always on page 1.
>>>> I think this has to do with TeXShop not with Emacs, despite that I have 
>>>> in
>>>> TeXShop Preferences -> External Editor -> Automatic Preview Update 
>>>> (checked)
>>> You have to check also ``Configure for External Editor'' in the Document 
>>> tab of Preferences.
>> I've checked it. Irritatingly, TexShop still does not work as it is 
>> supposed to:
>> - TexShop re-opens always on the 1st page, not on the last viewed page.
>> - if TeXShop is left opened with the pdf displayed, it doesn't update
>> with new typesetting.
> How strange! I just checked and it does for me. Just to be sure: in the 
> ``Document'' tab of Preferences, I have checked ``Configure for External 
> Editor'', and in the ``Preview'' tab ``Automatic Preview Update''.
> Then you have to quit TeXShop, typeset in Emacs and open the PDF again in 
> TeXShop

I've done this, and tested it many-many times and now again. TexShop 
always pops-up:

1. displaying the older pdf on the page it was, if TexShop had been left 
opened (behind emacs' window) while typing and typesetting in emacs

2. displaying the updated pdf on p.1, if TexShop had been closed (Ctrl-W 
or Ctrl-Q) while typing and typesetting in emacs.

> (I have configured Emacs to use TeXShop as the default PDF viewer, so 
> for me this is automatic).

The new versions of Carbon Emacs have been already with the View command 
"open -a ":

- TexShop, when typesetting  with latex
- Preview, when typesetting with pdflatex

I find these viewing defaults very good, except the inability to preview 
the updated pdf. It makes me absolutely mad now, as you say that it 
works for you...

Now, by checking the times of typesetting in Emacs, with the command 
latex, and viewing by the emacs's command View, I am realizing that even 
in cases of presence of already up-to-date pdf version created by
latex -> View in Emacs

= TeXshop always creates a *new pdf version*, when re-opened via View 
command after it had been closed (with or without typesetting in Emacs)

Emacs has a good feature:

When <file>.tex and  <file>.dvi have the same time stamp (e.g., in cases 
when typesetting had be previously done, there is no update of <file>.tex, 
and <file>.dvi is not removed) Emacs, with the key combination
{Ctrl-c Ctrl-c}, automatically detects that there is no need to run latex 
and invokes by default the View command in the emacs' mini-buffer.

It seems that the problem is that TeXShop gets opened and displays the 
<file>.pdf on p.1. It looks to me that TeXShop even does typetting in 
order to display the <file>.pdf.

It seems that all is behind the "open -a" command.

Which version of emacs do you use? And how did you configure Emacs to use 
TeXShop as the default PDF viewer?


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