preview in TexShop was: Re: [OS X TeX] FYI: Smultron

Roussanka Loukanova rloukano at
Sat Mar 24 00:08:27 CET 2007

On Fri, 23 Mar 2007, Richard Seguin wrote:

>>>>>>> From within Emacs, I can't get preview in TexShop updated, and if I 
>>>>>>> close TexShop, then it opens always on page 1.
>>>>>>> I think this has to do with TeXShop not with Emacs, despite that I 
>>>>>>> have in
>>>>>>> TeXShop Preferences -> External Editor -> Automatic Preview Update 
>>>>>>> (checked)
>>>>>> You have to check also ``Configure for External Editor'' in the 
>>>>>> Document tab of Preferences.
>>>>> I've checked it. Irritatingly, TexShop still does not work as it is 
>>>>> supposed to:
>>>>> - TexShop re-opens always on the 1st page, not on the last viewed page.
>>>>> - if TeXShop is left opened with the pdf displayed, it doesn't update
>>>>> with new typesetting.
>>>> How strange! I just checked and it does for me.[...]
>>> That behaviour could be caused by the selected language. When I try to use 
>>> TS with german, the behaviour after I checked "Configure for External 
>>> Editor" was not as expected. I tried "Open..." a document and it still 
>>> opened the pdf _and_ the code window. After I switched to englisch 
>>> everything seems to be fine.
>> Everything on my MBP is in English. This failure is really irritating, esp 
>> because it works for (some of) you, at seems does not work in some 
>> circumstances.
> Have you tried deleting the TeXShop .plist file? This causes TeXShop to write 
> a fresh default copy of this file at startup, and then at which time you 
> would have to reset your own preferences. Sometimes this solves strange 
> program behavior, and in fact worked for me once when TeXShop wasn't doing 
> what it was supposed to be doing.

It has not solve the problem...


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