[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk 1.2.7

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Thu Jun 15 06:02:22 CEST 2006

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce that BibDesk  
1.2.7 is now available at <http://bibdesk.sourceforge.net/>.  Once  
again, there are many new features added and bugs fixed in this  
release, and we encourage you to update as soon as possible.

Please submit bug reports to our tracker at <https://sourceforge.net/ 
tracker/?group_id=61487&atid=497423>.  Thanks to those of you who  
have suggested new features and improvements, as well as tested our  
nightly builds!  Detailed release notes follow, in case you think I'm  
kidding about the number of changes.

New Features
   *  Static groups; you can now group arbitrary publications  
together and save them in your file
   *  Newlines and whitespace are now removed when pasting text into  
fields (RFE #1480354)
   *  Menu action to merge shared items into your bibliography file  
(without introducing duplicates)
   *  Added a search field and spotlight effect to the preferences  
window (Tiger only)
   *  New action menu below the group tableview
   *  Text template export preferences added, so multiple HTML (or  
other) templates can be saved in named sets (RFE #1488232)
   *  Templates for Services added, for flexible reference insertion
   *  Added toolbar items to editor for deleting a publication or  
adding one using a crossref (RFE #1221956)
   *  Added alternate action to "New" toolbar item for creating a new  
item with crossref (use option key)
   *  Document info can be added as a special BibTeX type (accessible  
to citekey/autofile format strings with %i{Key})
   *  The title field of the inbook type should be handled better in  
format strings (RFE #1417581)
   *  Crossref items can now be created by holding down the option key

Bugs Fixed
   *  Change status line when a shared group is selected
   *  PubMed IP tag is now used for number
   *  Groub tableview highlighting should be significantly more  
efficient (fixed a beachball)
   *  Added some thread safe file manager methods for Spotlight/ 
   *  Smart group conditions now display in a scroll view
   *  Finder comments are now preserved when copying/moving files  
(workaround for Apple bug)
   *  Fix bug #1479345; ensure that edits are committed before  
closing the add-field sheet, since people have never learned how to  
end editing on a cell
   *  Fix crash when using a global macro definition file (bug #1490486)
   *  Ensure that search for temporary cite keys is performed  
whenever opening a file with temp keys
   *  Fix bug #1479970; use correct pref key for checkbox
   *  Added a hack to work around an Apple bug in Tiger that breaks  
typing in the "Open Using Filter" dialog (bug #1480815)
   *  Fix bug #1481678; select all docs for error filtering when  
closing a document
   *  Fix bug #1482852; loading a document with a very large number  
of macros can run the parser out of memory (ugh!).  The limit is now  
higher and a useful error will be logged.
   *  Set flag in ILCrashReporter to allow quitting; hopefull will  
eliminate the zombie crash reporter processes
   *  Fixed bug that caused the file content search tableview to use  
the wrong font, even after changing it manually
   *  Fixed memory leak in URL parsing code for abstract/annote text  
   *  Fixed bug #1483613; crash when changing font in abstract/annote  
that occurred if you edited an abstract/annote, close the window,  
then opened another editor and changed the font.
   *  Local-Url relative path is now handled correctly (thanks to  
Christian Jacobsen for the patch!)
   *  Fixed status message when duplicates selected
   *  Crossref menu items are now disabled when selecting shared items
   *  Fixed sorting of "Author or Editor" columns
   *  Fixed bug #1489184; empty index set could lead to a beachball
   *  Revised update checking code to use NSURLConnection, which is  
hopefully less crash-prone than  
CFURLCreateDataAndPropertiesFromResource on authenticated network  
connections (bug #1489057)
   *  Edit selected field in temporary typeahead mode when using  
command key modifier
   *  Remove control and illegal characters when entering text in the  
editor (bug #1481675)
   *  Empty strings are no longer accepted as quick search fields
   *  Conversion of pdf to text now displays a message when it fails,  
instead of just doing nothing
   *  Service lookup now recognizes any of "citekey, cite key, cite- 
key, or key" case-insensitively
   *  Icon columns are now sorted as empty/non-empty instead of  
alphabetically by URL; this allows subsorting articles that have a  
URL by year
   *  Export save panel now displays show/hide extension checkbox and  
allows directory creation
   *  Group names are no longer combined in the delete warning, since  
the sheet had problems when too many groups were selected
   *  Fixed text height calculation in alert subclass
   *  Changed temporary file behavior of opening with temporary cite  
keys and open using filter
   *  Fixed leak in error handling of documents
   *  Fixed warning message to the console when quitting with TeX  
previewing enabled, but without activating the previewer
   *  "And" is now recognized case-insensitively as a group separator  
(bug #1503662)
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