[OS X TeX] Aquamacs, AucTeX, and preview-latex

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Sun Nov 27 22:37:11 CET 2005

Am 27.11.2005 um 18:45 schrieb Cameron Hooper:

> Really? Aquamacs help (Aquamacs for Emacs Veterans -> Latex Support)  
> says to install the AucTeX package maintained by Norm Gall at  
> http://yaced.sourceforge.net. Before I did this, visiting a .tex file  
> loaded tex-mode, not auctex.

The Help is probably elder then the ELisp code. Look here:  

You make AUCTeX take regime over all TeX files you need to enable it:

	(add-hook 'LaTeX-mode-hook 'turn-on-reftex)   ; with AUCTeX LaTeX mode
	(add-hook 'LaTeX-mode-hook '(lambda () (TeX-fold-mode 1)))

and again you need to load a bit: (require 'tex-site). And here can be  
one problem: I think this file needs so customisation for its locality.

>> You not only need to activate preview-latex by loading the ELisp  
>> file, you too need to add the path to the preview-latex files:
>> 	(add-to-list 'load-path "/Library/Application Support/Emacs/preview")
> I assumed Aquamacs did this automatically as it explicitly says auctex  
> should be installed at this location. Anyway I added the following
> (add-to-list 'load-path "/Library/Application  
> Support/Emacs/site-lisp/preview")
> but nothing changed. So I then tried
> (add-to-list 'load-path "/Library/Application  
> Support/Emacs/site-lisp/site-start.d")
> Again no change.

I don't know what might be going wrong. I hope you did the installation  
of AUCTeX and preview-latex according to the documentation and let make  
do it ... You can put into site-start.el or .emacs or into *scratch*  
with eval-region when you need it this little bit of code:

	(defadvice load (before debug-log activate)
	  (message "(Tipp von Kai G):Loading now: %s" (ad-get-arg 0)))

This will record in *Messages* which files get loaded. For me, when I  
first load a TeX source, this gets recorded:

	/Library/Application Support/Emacs/site-start.el
	(Tipp von Kai G):Lade jetzt: preview-latex.el
	preview-latex wird geladen
	(Tipp von Kai G):Lade jetzt:  
auctex.el (source)...
auctex.el (source)...done
	(Tipp von Kai G):Lade jetzt:  
preview-latex.el (source)...done
site-lisp/site-start.el (source)...done
	(Tipp von Kai G):Lade jetzt: preview-latex
	Loading preview-latex (source)...
	preview-latex wird geladen
	Loading preview-latex (source)...done
	Loading latex...
	Loading edmacro...done
	Loading easy-mmode...done
	Loading latex...done
	Loading font-latex...
	Loading bytecomp...done
	Loading font-latex...done
	Applying style hooks...
	(Tipp von Kai G):Lade jetzt: /Users/pete/..../auto/AUC.el
	Loading /Users/pete/..../auto/AUC.el (source)...done
	(Tipp von Kai G):Lade jetzt:  
	Loading tex-buf...done
	(Tipp von Kai G):Lade jetzt:  
	(Tipp von Kai G):Lade jetzt:  
	Loading ispell...done
	Starting new Ispell process...
	Applying style hooks... done
	Sorting environment...
	Removing duplicates... done
	Loading tex-fold...done
	Loading reftex...done
	Loading reftex-auc...done
	Loading reftex-dcr...done
	Automatic display of crossref information was turned on
	Loading preview...
	Loading byte-opt...done
	Loading preview...done
	Applying style hooks... done

You see that it isn't 'my' installation that gets used ...

> The only files in /Library/Application Support/Emacs were added by  
> auctex installer. I went ahead and deleted them but kept the load  
> statement in .emacs. On startup emacs complained that it couldn't open  
> load file preview-latex.el. So I deleted the (load "preview-latex.el"  
> nil t t) line from .emacs. Now emacs starts but auctex is not loaded.

As mentioned above AUCTeX needs the (require 'tex-site) first and then  
the statements to make it take over over elder ELisp software. Upon  
correct installation these files and directories will appear in the  
install directory:

	drwxr-xr-x   6 root  admin     204 29 Sep 20:44 preview
	-rw-r--r--   1 root  admin     324 29 Sep 20:44 auctex.el
	drwxr-xr-x  43 root  admin    1462 29 Sep 20:44 auctex
	-rw-r--r--   1 root  admin   12421 29 Sep 20:44 tex-site.el

For my Emacsen I added this code make them be aware of all new places:

       (setq load-path
           (mapcar 'expand-file-name
               (append '(
                 "/Library/Application Support/Emacs"
                 "/Library/Application Support/Emacs/reftex"
                 "/Library/Application Support/Emacs/auctex"
                 "/Library/Application Support/Emacs/auctex/images"
                 "/Library/Application Support/Emacs/preview")

Can you describe how you installed AUCTeX and preview-latex and which  
versions they are? There are also TeX files that are being installed  
into the TeX installation (the preview package, as available from CTAN.

> Finally I decided to ignore the Help's suggested save location and  
> installed to ~/Emacs, the place I normally add emacs packages and  
> deleted the earlier installation. I rearranged the installed files,  
> turned around 3 times, spat, added ~/Emacs/site-start.d to my load  
> path and loaded auctex.el and preview.el.

What you're describing here is something that you added to your  
Emacsen's start-up code. Maybe the other code never got into Emacs. You  
can check success of additions to load-path by checking the value of  
load-path in Emacs (C-h v load-path <RET>) ...



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