[OS X TeX] How to set a path in OS X.4

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Fri Nov 25 00:10:08 CET 2005

On 24 Nov 2005, at 23:41, Georg Verweyen wrote:

> Maarten Sneep schrieb:
>> Did you repair the permissions with Disk Utility?
> No. How can I?

Open Applications/Utilities/Disk Utility (the names may be localized,  
these are the English names). Select your hard-drive, click "Repair  
disk permissions" (again, replace with the proper localized name as  

>> The new TL2005, a.k.a. MacTeX? Or i-Installer, TL 2005 binaries/ 
>> layout?
> TL 2005 5weeks old beta image with texins-sh (or what was the name  
> of the file?).

Ah, the hard-core unix install. I didn't know that there still was a  
Mac OS X release included with that, but it seems to make sense.  
There is not a lot of experience with that install in this group.

>> I still recommend you install the ghostscript i-Package, but you  
>> can  add the path to your .bashrc or .profile (I always forget  
>> which is  best).
>> export PATH="${PATH}:/usr/local/bin"
> Ah! Couldn't the Mac-Help point to this somehow?

Submit a documentation omission.

BTW, you'd better add the following to /etc/profile as a root user.  
The comment-lines are there to avoid issues should you decide to  
switch over to i-Installer or MacTeX.

## setloginpath added /usr/local/bin start at Tue Oct 18 20:36:03  
CEST 2005
## Do not remove the previous line
if [ `whoami` != "root" ]
   export PATH
## Do not remove the next line
## setloginpath added /usr/local/bin end at Tue Oct 18 20:36:03 CEST  

> Hm ... not too surprisingly that didn't change anything on the  
> pstopdf-thing running stuck.

I think that is a permissions error, or a buggy postscript file.

> TeX on a Mac is a strange combination of graphical click'n'drop and  
> Unix hacking ...

That strongly depends on the installation TeXnique you use. I'd like  
to think that the MacTeX that will also be on the final DVD will  
"just work". See http://www.tug.org/mactex if you're curious. Of  
course it is still GUI+UNIX-hacking, but someone else does the hacking.


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