[OS X TeX] OT-File ownership

Gary L. Gray gray at engr.psu.edu
Fri Nov 4 22:34:40 CET 2005

A solution to this seemingly common problem was posted today on Mac  
OS X Hints:


I hope this helps those of you who have been plagued by this nasty  
problem.  It also gets a solution into the archives for when it comes  
up again.

-- Gary

On Sep 29, 2005, at 7:17 PM, Michael S. Hanson wrote:

>     I am reviving this thread in the hope that someone might be  
> able to assist -- apologies in advance for the length;  I am near  
> wit's end on this issue....
>     My TeXShop documents (files that end in .tex) open in another  
> application when double-clicked in the Finder.  (Not surprisingly,  
> they also do not have the correct icon.)
>     OS X 10.4.2 with latest security update (008).  TeXShop 2.0.3.
>     I can change the "Open with:" settings in each individual  
> file's "Get Info" window to TeXShop, but when I click on the  
> "Change All..." button, the files all revert back to the other  
> application.  Currently, that application is TextEdit.  Previously  
> it was BBEdit, and before that it was ScriptEditor.
>     The problem arose after an "Erase and Install" of 10.4.  I had  
> restored my user account with the Migration Tool from a second  
> internal drive that had contained a cloned image of my primary  
> internal drive with its previous 10.3.9 installation.  (It now  
> contains a cloned backup of the current installation created with  
> SuperDuper!.)
>> On Sep 19, 2005, at 8:55 PM, Herbert Schulz wrote:
>>> You might try the solution to really rebuild the Launch Services  
>>> using the hint at <http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php? 
>>> story=20031215144430486&query=rebuild+launch+services>.
>     I issued the command:
> sudo /System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework 
> \Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Support/lsregister -kill -r -f  
> -domain local -domain system -domain user
> and then rebooted.  (This version of the command is in the  
> comments; it just adds the -f flag to force the changes.)  No effect.
>> On Sep 19, 2005, at 10:28 PM, Vince McGarry wrote:
>>> ... throwing away com.apple.LaunchServices.plist appears to have  
>>> done the trick.
>     I've tried that, followed first by a logout and login, then by  
> a reboot.  No effect.
>> On Sep 19, 2005, at 8:55 PM, Herbert Schulz wrote:
>>> I'm not sure this is the solution but you might try using  
>>> RCDefaultApp, a Preference Pane that allows you to look at and  
>>> change assignments.
>     I have had RCDefaultApp version 1.3 installed on this Mac since  
> before the 10.4 upgrade.  I am beginning to wonder if it is part of  
> the problem rather than the solution.  I have been able to change  
> -- inadvertently -- which application opens .tex files by changing  
> the application associated with the TEXT file type.  According to  
> RCDefaultApp, when the "default" app is selected for this file  
> type, the file type is associated with the UTI:  
> com.apple.traditional-mac-plain-text.  And in that case the default  
> app is TextEdit.  Previously, BBEdit had been associated with the  
> TEXT file type -- which I changed by hand.  Previously ScriptEditor  
> was associated with this file type;  I think that was the first mis- 
> association following the upgrade to 10.4.
>     All of my .tex files created with TeXShop have the creator TeXs  
> and the file type TEXT.  As mentioned above, when I manually set  
> the "Open with:" application from the "Get Info" window in the  
> Finder to TeXShop, the setting sticks.  But when I click on the  
> "Change All..." button, the file association (and icon) gets set to  
> the application that is listed by RCDefaultApp as the default  
> application for the TEXT file type.
>     RCDefaultApp reports that the .tex and .TEX extensions are  
> associated with TeXShop.  However, that is not the case in the  
> Finder.  TeXShop does not have a UTI listed with RCDefaultApp, as  
> far as I can tell.
>     Any further suggestions to resolve this problem would be  
> greatly appreciated.  Even an AppleScript or Automator workflow to  
> force all .tex files to have their "Open with:" applications  
> switched one-by-one to TeXShop would be great -- I tried  
> unsuccessfully to figure out how to create such a workflow myself,  
> and I am not looking forward to potentially changing the hundreds*  
> of TeXShop files that are scattered across my hard drive individually.
>                                         -- Mike
> (*) When I used Spotlight to search for files of kind "tex" -- it  
> doesn't appear to be possible to search for files with the kind  
> TeXShop on my Mac (although lots of other apps appeared in the kind  
> list) -- over 4300 files showed up.  However, the search results  
> included AppleScripts, BBEdit files, plain text files, etc.   
> Clearly the file types are pretty hosed (a technical term).  When I  
> added Name Ends With "tex" to the search, the list narrowed to  
> about 430 files -- 95% of which are showing up as TextEdit files,  
> with a few BBEdit and SubEthaEdit file owners thrown in.  I suspect  
> there are more than those 430, as Spotlight only seems to index  
> files after 2002 for me, and I know I have documents (including TeX  
> documents) from the late-1990s onward on this Mac.  But that's  
> another (OT) problem for another time....
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