[OS X TeX] Escaping URLs in BibTeX

Damon Muller MacOSXTeX at damonam.ml1.net
Wed May 18 09:12:46 CEST 2005

Okay, another bibliography question.

I'm using apacite and bibtex, and a couple of my references have URLs  
in them. One is one of those stupid URLs generated by Notes/Domino (I  
think), and I think it's causing problems.

When I run pdflatex over the file, I'm getting the following error:

> ! Undefined control sequence.
> l.87 ...73eca256bbf0000542f!OpenDocument}\bibnodot
>                                                   {.}
> ?

If I hit Return, it does seem to work okay (that is, it prints the  
URL properly in the output, and pdflatex completes successfully), but  
it offends my sense of aesthetics that it's throwing an error at all.

The URL in question is:


And I was wondering maybe if I needed to escape some part of it to  
prevent the error (the '!' or '@' characters, maybe). And if so, how  
do you actually escape them in BibTex (I tried putting a '\' before  
the '!', but that didn't seem to make a difference)?

If it's relevant, this is inside a \url{} tag, using the URL package.  
(I'm not sure what the '\bibnodot{.}' bit does, but the apacite  
documentation uses it with its URLs, so I am as well.)

The full bibtex entry (from BibDesk) is:

     Address = {Canberra, ACT},
     Author = {{Australian Bureau of Statistics}},
     Date-Added = {2005-04-16 20:12:16 +1000},
     Date-Modified = {2005-05-18 16:21:02 +1000},
     Howpublished = {Retrieved 15 December, 2004, from \url{http:// 
www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/abs at census.nsf/ 
     Institution = {{Australian Bureau of Statistics}},
     Local-Url = {file://localhost/Users/damon/Documents/Papers/Filed/ 
     Month = {nov},
     Title = {2001 Census Basic Community Profile and Snapshot},
     Type = {\bibnotype},
     Year = {2002}}

It so happens that I have mail-order degrees in muderology and  
   -- Dr. Zoidberg

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