[OS X TeX] [ANN] BibDesk-1.0RC1

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Wed May 18 08:02:24 CEST 2005

The BibDesk development team is pleased to announce the availability  
of BibDesk 1.0RC1 at <http://bibdesk.sourceforge.net/>; after a few  
years of development, this is the first release candidate for version  

** Bugs **
Please post bug reports to our bug tracker at <http://sourceforge.net/ 
tracker/?atid=497423&group_id=61487&func=browse>.  This includes  
documentation bugs!  If there's a feature that needs a better  
description, please let us know.  There are some significant changes  
in this release, as usual, but no new features will be added.

** Localization **
BibDesk is currently not localized, but the localization  
infrastructure is in place.  If you are interested in localizing  
BibDesk for your native language, please e-mail <bibdesk- 
develop at lists.sourceforge.net>.  We ask that you subscribe to the  
developers list as well, so everyone (hopefully) gets their questions  
answered in an efficient manner.

Our usual deathless release notes follow.

** Changes since 0.99.3 **

IMPORTANT:  Boolean search syntax has changed to be compatible with  
Apple's Help Viewer search, which should make future integration with  
Apple's search technology more seamless.  We apologize for the change  
(in case anyone uses this feature).

Please see the new and improved online help for details of any of the  
new features mentioned below.  If there is an existing feature that  
you would like to see documented, please file a bug report!

New Features
   •  Search is now case-sensitive if you enter at least one  
uppercase character in the searchfield
   •  Added AppleScript properties for 'all fieldnames' and 'all  
   •  If a BibDesk document is opened in response to a Spotlight  
search, the search term is automatically entered for you
   •  Boolean search syntax is now compatible with Apple Help  
Viewer's new syntax for queries, which uses +| as AND/OR
   •  "Check Spelling as You Type" menu setting is now remembered  
(globally); this fixes RFE #974890 and bug #1198028
   •  Shift+space now pages up in the preview pane, and the spacebar  
can be used to scroll to the next pub as well (as in Mail.app)
   •  Added a "Select Duplicates" item in the "Publication" menu,  
which finds duplicate items in your bibliography
   •  Sample AppleScript was rewritten, and is now available from the  
Scripts menu (choose "About the Scripts Menu")

   •  "Container" added to the "add column" menu
   •  Changed canceling behavior of text import sheet
   •  More characters (including underscore) allowed in the cite-key  
format strings
   •  An exception is no longer raised if you control click on part  
of a table header that isn't part of a column header
   •  Command-W no longer becomes disconnected in the editor window  
after saving
   •  The LaTeX previewer now has access to all of your document's  
macros, rather than writing out the expanded values (fixes bug #1191916)
   •  Accented characters in the searchfield are respected (search is  
fuzzy otherwise, removing accents)
   •  Document closing speed is no longer glacial for large files  
with macros (bug #1192203), since complex strings are updated lazily
   •  Key equivalents for navigation buttons of text import webview,  
and better updating of stop/reload button for downloading
   •  Fixed bug #1192511, data loss in case of encoding error (if an  
exception was raised after you closed an unsaved document and chose  
to save it)
   •  Table columns can no longer be duplicated in the main pub list
   •  Fixed memory leak in macro text field window controller, and in  
dragging a pub into the editor window
   •  Sorting a pubs list with lots of braces may be faster
   •  Changed order of pref panes
   •  Many changes and updates to the online help, including revised  
   •  Default column widths should be sane
   •  AppleScript now works when building on Tiger
   •  More menu items now have proper ellipses added
   •  Boolean search now works properly (previously the first search  
term was captured incorrectly, and whitespace was not handled  
correctly), and should be less weird about updating
   •  Removed "Unicode" encoding option for saving/exporting files,  
as btparse can't handle it (bug #1198587)
   •  "Open" dialog now comes up when you choose to open a file at  
launch in "General" preferences, as documented in the help
   •  Fix bug #1196588, making cite key field its maximal length
   •  Fix bug #1199338 by creating the "Item Number" of each  
publication on demand, so you don't end up with weird changes in file  
order when adding pubs
   •  Reimplemented table column code
   •  Columns menu is now rebuilt when table columns change
   •  Some users had problems scrolling the main pub list with page  
up/page down, and possibly arrow keys, but this should be fixed
   •  List of authors for a document is now created on demand for  
AppleScript, which fixes a bug with zombie authors referring to  
deleted pubs
   •  Author name comparisons in AppleScript should be more consistent

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