[OS X TeX] xetex, bibdesk and bibtex?

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Sat May 14 16:26:58 CEST 2005

On May 14, 2005, at 03:54, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Le 14 mai 05 à 10:10, Jonas Wellendorf a écrit :
>> På 14. mai. 2005 kl. 07.43 skrev Bruno Voisin:
>>> Le 12 mai 05 à 11:22, Jonas Wellendorf a écrit :
>>>> I use bibdesk and texshop (newest versions for OS X 10.3). I  
>>>> have no problems with the combination latex+bibtex but when I  
>>>> use the combination xelatex+bibtex the characters “ and  
>>>> ” [quotationmarks] and – [m-dash] in my bibliography appear as  
>>>> ``, '' and -- in the typeset pdf-file.
>>>> On my (Norwegian) keyboard I enter these characters as [alt+n],  
>>>> [alt+m] and [alt+-].
>>>> How should I enter these characters to get the expected output?  
>>>> I would like to use the same bibtex database for botht ypes of  
>>>> documents.
>>>> I use the UFT-8 encoding in bibdesk.
> Again this may or may not be related with your problem, but  
> searching my XeTeX list mailbox I found the following message, from  
> almost a year ago. That was before the "mapping=tex-text" mechanism  
> was introduced; hence, to be handled with care.
> That said, the problem may as well be caused by the way BibDesk  
> saves .bib files. I tried opening with BibDesk a .bib file from the  
> doc of a package I use, editing one of the references by changing  
> "--" to an UTF-8 en-dash "–" (Shift-Alt-- on my French keyboard),  
> saving the result in UTF-8 encoding and opening this saved .bib  
> file in a text editor: in the file, the "--" that I had changed to  
> "–" still appears as "--". I'm not experienced with BibDesk at all,  
> thus I may not have been doing what I think I did, but it seems  
> BibDesk converts "–" to "--" upon saving, and similarly “ to `` and  
> ” to ''. This ensures maximum compatibility with traditional TeX  
> engines, but imposes the use of "mapping=tex-text" or [Mapping=tex- 
> text] with XeTeX.

Bruno is quite correct; BibDesk will convert these characters to  
traditional TeX forms by default.  You can uncheck the "Convert  
accented characters to TeX when exporting or pasting BibTeX" checkbox  
in BibDesk's Files preferences (where you change the encoding).  If  
you're using XeLaTeX, you have no need for this feature.


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