[OS X TeX] Using Babel with I-Installer tex installation

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Wed Jun 29 16:25:32 CEST 2005

Le 29 juin 05 à 16:03, Frederick Hoyt a écrit :

> However, I still get the same error message when I run my document  
> with the babel package declaration - \usepackage[english]{babel},  
> namely:
> > !LaTeX Error: Unknown option 'english' package for 'babel'.

That's odd! Only thing I can think of: you introduced invisible  
characters in the name "english" while typing it. What you can try:

- Remove the [english] option alltogether (it's the default anyway).

- Retype the line



- Try using [american] or [USenglish] instead.

In case none works, then there must be something broken in your babel  
and/or LaTeX installation. Possible remedies:

- From the command line, "sudo texhash".

- Reinstall the TeX i-package completely. In case you customized the  
choice of hyphenation patterns (or languages, I don't remember how i- 
Installer calls them), make sure this is done consistently with your  
planned used of babel.

- Verify /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.local/tex/generic/config/ 
language.dat looks allright. For example, regarding English, and  
given I have added British to the list of hyphenation patterns, mine  

> % The US-english patterns should be loaded *always* and as *first*  
> ones.
> % Define USenglish as an alias for american.
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 
> %%%%%%%
> american    ushyph1.tex
> =USenglish
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 
> %%%%%%%
> % UK english, TWO LINES! To enable these lines, remove %! and the  
> space.
> %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% 
> %%%%%%%
> british    ukhyphen.tex % unavailable in teTeX due to license problem!
> =UKenglish
> % english should always be defined. Either an alias for american or  
> british.
> =english

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