[OS X TeX] TeXShop editor being too clever?

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Mon Feb 14 22:50:36 CET 2005

Hi Herb,

Thanks for looking at this.
> How are you selecting the line? If it is via Shift-DownArrow and your 
> cursor
> is one character in from the left side it will select up through the
> corresponding point on the following line.
> Could your mouse be a problem? If you get a click bounce it could be
> interpreted as a double click so the word is selected.

It's all on a PowerBook, hence with the trackpad.

> Do you use your system for development? I wonder why you're finding
> instability; it seems pretty much rock stable on my Powerbook. I just 
> wish I
> had a faster HD and more RAM; both coming in a couple of months.

It would be too long to explain in detail (I'm attempting to meet a 
deadline for a research proposal due tomorrow evening), but I think the 
problems follow from testing too many programs, installing them, 
uninstalling them, etc. After a significant number of these I've 
started experiencing application crashes, unreasonable time for the 
Desktop to display upon startup (side note: I've read somewhere some 
time ago this might result from a buggy Mac OS update, and the solution 
is to remove some cache file, but can't remember where it was and which 
cache file), etc.

RAM should not be an issue: my PowerBook belongs to the first 
generation of 17" PowerBook 1GHz. Originally it had 512 MB RAM, 
recently I've been offered a additional 512 MB module giving 1 GB total 
RAM. What I've started to realize, though, is that when you end up 
manipulating relatively big graphical files (more than 10 MB, say), the 
RAM on your graphical card becomes important to avoid unreasonable 
slowdown, crashes and temperature getting rather high: I've got 64 MB 
graphical RAM, wish I had 128 MB.


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