[OS X TeX] Spaces in file or folder names

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Thu Feb 10 14:19:51 CET 2005

Am 10.02.2005 um 12:11 schrieb Denis Chabot:

> By the way, I tried only putting aliases in the Figures folder inside 
> the folder of a LaTeX document, but that did not work. I know 
> "symbolic links" have slightly different properties than aliases, but 
> I never explored that. Would they be a solution?

You could use these two Bourne shell scripts to create symbolic links 
in the working directory pointing to files with up to many spaces in 
their names, but the link names would have them substituted by 

	# -*- mode: Shell-script; coding: iso-8859-15; -*-
	#       @(#) despace.sh        Time-stamp: <2005-02-10 13:34:04 root>
	# Find graphics files in the specified directory of the
	# specified kind (file extension) and create a symbolic
	# link to each that does not contain spaces in its name
	#echo $#
	if test $# -eq 0 ; then
	    echo "$0  <directory with files of>  <extension(s)>"
	    exit 1
	Arten=`echo $Art | sed -e 's/ / -o -name */g'`
	#echo -n "$Art -> "
	#echo "$Arten"
	#echo "find $Ort -type f \( -name *$Arten \) -exec link {} \;"
	find "$Ort" -type f \( -name *$Arten \) -exec link.sh {} \;

	# -*- mode: Shell-script; coding: iso-8859-15; -*-
	#       @(#) link.sh       Time-stamp: <2005-02-10 13:29:34 pete>
	# Create a symbolic link to this file substituting all
	# spaces in its name by underscores
	 Name=`echo $1 | tr ' ' _`
	Alias=`basename $Name`
	#echo "ln -s $1 $Alias"
	ln -s "$1" $Alias

If you put them into your bin directory and make them executable (chmod 
755 <name(s)>) you could change in a shell into the directory with the 
LaTeX source files and invoke despace.sh:

     despace.sh <directory with graphics files> <their extension(s)>

i.e. despace.sh "~/Library/texmf/My really big TeX Projects/Trial&Error 
No.4/My *VERY* Colourful Diagramms from Graphics Programme" jpg jpeg 

Once the symbolic links are created you can use them in the LaTeX 
sources to access the graphics files.

Well, "Trial&Error No.4" could be a bad name because of the "&" ... 
might need a \! * too! If you do not write the name to the graphics 
sources yourself, but let your shell expand the path name or you drop a 
folder from Finder on Terminal the double quotes are not needed. And 
special characters are escaped by default then. Shell processing might 
be disturbed though ...


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