[OS X TeX] using Latexit

Pierre Chatelier pierre.chatelier at club-internet.fr
Thu Aug 25 15:37:03 CEST 2005


> T1.  Here is a way to make a label with an opaque white background  
> whose border is not too large.  Add
> \usepackage{color}
> \setlength\fboxsep{0pt}
> to the preamble.  Then an expression like
> \colorbox{white}{$\frac{df}{dx}$}
> produces a good result.
Yes, but I prefer to let that work up to the user, because I do not  
want to add a user interface control for a feature that is really,  
really rarely used by most users.

> 2.  *But* I have not been able to resolve the drag and drop issue,  
> Since a typical diagram has several labels, it is inefficient to  
> have all of them saved as separate files.  Is there some basic  
> procedure I'm missing?  I assumed that you have both Latexit and  
> Illustrator open, you go to the Latexit pane with the formula  
> displayed, you grab it with the pointer and mouse, and slide it to  
> the Illustrator artboard, and let go the mouse.  Right?
Yes, but it seems to be a bug in Illustrator. People told me that  
upgrading from Illustrrator CS to Illustrator CS 2 makes drag'n drop  
working correctly.

>  The placed object is a previously saved file from Latexit is  
> linked back from Illustrator.  That would be fine except that there  
> would have to be so many files.
I am not sure to understand ?! Do you mean that because Illustrator  
prevents drag' n drop from working as usual, you have to drag'n drop  
many things until you can "validate" the result ? And that you would  
like all the dropped things to be automatically "grouped" as one  
LaTeXiT "object" ?

> 3.  Another issue. When a Latexit file is modified, there seems to  
> be no direct way to save its new version.
>  One is asked to save the modified file as a new document, and then  
> if the same name is used, one is asked to overwrite the old one.   
> Why not just a "save" in the file menu, and the new replaces the old?
It's debatable. Usually, a LaTeXiT document cannot be "saved". So,  
you suggest that I should add this possibility when the document  
represents a file... I think that it would add confusion, since  
sometimes, you could save, and sometimes, you couldn't. However, I am  
not sure that it would be so much confusion. What do people think  
about that ?


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