[OS X TeX] mouse in TeXShop. [was: TeXShop 1.35e converts 0x0d to 0x0a linefeeds]

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue Sep 28 09:38:49 CEST 2004

Le 28 sept. 04, à 08:11, Jérôme Laurens a écrit :

> Le 26 sept. 04, à 12:54, Themis Matsoukas a écrit :
>>> Old behaviour was
>>> 1 - click to activate the window
>>> 2 - click to place the insertion
>>> New behaviour is
>>> click to activate -and- place the insertion
>> Actually the problem I experienced in older texshop was that it often 
>> took more than two clicks to position the cursor. While the first 
>> click did activate the window, the second click appeared -more often 
>> than not- to be ignored, especially when the second click was a 
>> click-drag. I often ended up typing in the wrong line because I 
>> thought I had positioned the cursor but the cursor was some other 
>> place.
> I see what's the problem.
> Then the new behaviour is some kind of poor man solution to fix a bug.
> It seems that TS developers could not find the bug in decent times
> (which is perfectly understandable when you see how complex cocoa can 
> be)
> and chose to forget the old unsatisfactory implementation.
> So it is not just a question of check box in the Preferences...

As far as I remember, the original behaviour of TeXShop was that, when 
you clicked once on the input window, both that window was brought to 
the front and the cursor was positioned where you had clicked. That was 
with OS X Public Beta (= 10.0), and was also, as far as I remember, the 
behaviour of other Mac text editing apps (like TextEdit) at that time. 
This went on in 10.1 and, I think, 10.2.

Then with Panther (10.3) the behaviour was changed (in TextEdit as 
well), and went back to the "traditional" Mac OS Classic way, so that, 
when you clicked once on a window, only this window was brought to the 
front, the cursor staying, in this window, at the position where it had 
been beforehand. Then, you had to click a second time to position the 
cursor. As a consequence, I found myself often clicking once on an 
input window, and starting to write text only to realize later that 
this text was being entered at another position, not displayed in the 
window. Dick Koch told me this change of behaviour wasn't one he or his 
team had done willingly, it was a change in the Cocoa routines that 
TeXShop is relying on.

I am one of those that asked for TeXShop to go back to its original 
behaviour (in this sense, which is not the one called "old behaviour" 

I see this as a choice in GUI, not a bug. In any case, I didn't 
experience the bug (= ignored click) mentioned above. But I don't 
click-and-drag text from one place to another, I always cut-and-paste 
or copy-and-paste, which may explain the difference.

Bruno Voisin
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