[OS X TeX] New TeX i-Package released

Martin Stokhof m.j.b.stokhof at uva.nl
Sat Oct 23 10:59:09 CEST 2004


I installed the new Package, selected the TeX Live 2004 set up, and 
everything worked like a charm. No problems so far (pdfLaTeX, LaTeX + 
Ghostscript, XeTeX, non-standard fonts), I am really impressed by how 
smoothly everything went. A really great job! Thanks very much Gerben.

One question and one remark:

- Am I suffering from the "new hence faster" illusion, or is (pdf)LaTeX 
really substantially faster?

- The ruby script doesn't do anything for me. The output says:
TeXTools | /Users/mstokhof/Library/texmf/dvips/pbb.map will be moved to 
[ snip]
TeXTools | no files need to be moved
And indeed nothing changed. Is this the intended behaviour of the 


On Oct 23, 2004, at 00:42, Gerben Wierda wrote:

> I have released a new TeX i-Package. This release marks a structural 
> change for the TeX i-Package. Here are the highlights:
> - The i-Package contains *two* complete TeX distributions. One is 
> based on TeX Live 2003 and teTeX 2. The other is based on TeX Live 
> 2004 and teTeX 3. This makes the complete i-Package 140MB, but as 
> always, i-Installer only downloads what is needed based on your 
> choices. The standard "Simple" install gets you a basic TeX based on 
> TeX Live 2003 and teTeX 2 and has a download size of around 34MB.
> - Currently, TeX Live 2003 and teTeX 2 are still the default install, 
> until the new setup has been proven in the real world. To get TeX Live 
> 2004 and teTeX 3, you need to select an "Expert Install". You will get 
> a TeX Live 2004 based system before the rest of the world gets their 
> hands on the full TeX Live 2004.
> - The pdfTeX version is pdfeTeX 3.141592-1.20a-2.2 (Web2C 7.5.3)
> - The TL2004 based install will automatically convert your texmf.local 
> tree to a new layout which btw will also work with the TL2003 setup.
> - Your ~/Library/texmf tree is not converted automatically, but after 
> you have installed TL2004 you can do this in a terminal window:
> 	  ruby 
> /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.tetex/scripts/context/ruby/textools.rb 
> --fixtexmftrees ~/Library/texmf
> - Both the ConTeXt updater (Version 19 Oct 2004) and CM-Super have 
> been updated as well (hence all my TeX-related stuff has been 
> updated).
> - Jonathan Kew's XeTeX distribution is still based on TL2003. This 
> generally leads to few problems when using it in combination with 
> TL2004. These are the kind of harmless things that you can see happen:
> 	- The xetex formats are generated during context-update configuration 
> even when they are already available
> 	- The TeX i-Package will warn you it is removing XeTeX when you are 
> installing, but some warning messages are still visible
> - For the time being, the i-Package is only available through the 
> Known Packages i-Directory from all i-Directories. There is no volume 
> yet. A volume will become available when TeX Live 2004 becomes the 
> default for the i-Package.
> - Some package additions:
> 	beamer and pgf
> 	microtype
> 	pdftricks
> - There is one major difference between TL2004 and TL2003 which may 
> present a problem for a few users. WIth TL2004 the file pdftex.cfg has 
> disappeared and with it the possibility to add map files just for 
> pdftex (map files for all will still work). A workaround is the 
> following type of addition to your .tex file:
> 	\pdfmapfile{+myfonts.map}
> Some notes:
> 	TL2004 is not finished and just now I have been informed there might 
> be a few last minute fixes in remote areas (like aleph in combination 
> with ConTeXt).
> G
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