[OS X TeX] Page scrolling in TeXShop

Matthew Hills hills_tex at tina.stanford.edu
Fri Oct 8 00:30:00 CEST 2004

On Oct 7, 2004, at 2:12 PM, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> - Matthew, about your off-list message: yes, I realize using the left 
> and right arrows, in multi-page mode, to move up or down one page 
> would break the intuitive double multi-page behaviour. I was only 
> mentioning these keys because in single page mode they have this 
> effect.
My off-list message was to ask you to try a modified version of TeXShop 
that might give you the page-up/page-down behavior that you were asking 
about in your original message.

The existing behavior appears to be the result of an initially simple 
design (presumably something like single page view) that was later 
extended to provide more complex behavior (support for multipage, 
twopage, etc.).  The code for lateral movement that you are currently 
complaining about was added at that time.  I don't know the author's 
intent.  I would guess that it was intentional--to have the algorithm 
for lateral movement be analogous to that for vertical movement.

I would not expect this to be the typical desired behavior for western 
text, but it would be desirable for vertical text.

I would be surprised if the current page-up/page-down behavior was the 
intended behavior.

> I expected the usual shortcuts, uparrow, downarrow, Cmd-uparrow, 
> Cmd-downarrow, Shift-uparrow, Shift-downarrow, Alt-uparrow, 
> Alt-downarrow, Alt-Shift-uparrow, Alt-Shift-downarrow, possibly more, 
> to all have different effects, associated with moving up or down one 
> line, half a window, a whole window, one page, etc., without 
> perturbing the horizontal positioning. They behave like this in 
> Textures, similarly in OzTeX with the N and B (or Space and Delete) 
> keys, and possibly similarly in Apple's Preview and Adobe Reader 
> though I've never done any systematic exploration for them. I tried 
> all these combinations in TeXShop, with no luck.

I haven't seen any consistent treatment for page-based viewers.  
Preview.app provides one example of behavior for single-page view.

Perhaps it would be most helpful if you wrote a specification for your 
desired behavior.  It should cover the combinations of the  4 document 
views and the 4 boundary conditions (top and bottom of page visible (or 
not); and  left and right of page visible (or not)).


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