[OS X TeX] installing texlive

George Ghio ghiog at netconnect.com.au
Wed Jun 30 17:06:07 CEST 2004

On 01/07/2004, at 12:15 AM, Maarten Sneep wrote:

> George Gio wrote:
>>>> Does it need '.bash_profile' before it?
>>> ??? this path setting has to be added to a file called  
>>> '.bash_profile'.
>> Where exactly is this file to be created? How from terminal? Or by  
>> hand?
> in your home directory, from the terminal with the line given below,  
> or by hand if you prefer, although saving a file as .bash_profile  
> might be impossible from the GUI.
>>> echo 'export  
>>> PATH=${PATH}:/usr/local/teTex/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin7.4:${HOME}/ 
>>> bin:/sw/bin' >> .bash_profile
>> This returns nothing at all.
> No, and that is correct. What it should return is send to the file --  
> that is redirection in action. Open the .bash_profile file in your  
> favourite text editor and see what's inside.
>>> (single quotes are important, it prints the right string, and  
>>> instead of sending it to the terminal, it is redirected to the file  
>>> .bash_profile).
>>>> I am learning a lot but am not sure about these things.
>>> If you really want to get into these things, I can recommend the Mac  
>>> OS X in a Nutshell book from O'Reilly, although you should probably  
>>> wait for the Panther/Tiger release -- that one should discuss bash,  
>>> the current release still assumes tcsh.
>> Perhaps I should start at the beginning. Again.
> I don't think so, I think you already have things installed.
>> If I want to install Tex from TexLlive I open the terminal and  
>> drag"install-pkj.sh" into the terminal window and hit return?
>> I end up with a menu for the installation of Tex.
>> To keep this as short as possible I hit "D"
>> In this window I hit "1"
> (Seems OK, although I do not recall the exact menu options ...)
>> In this window I  change the directory to
>> "usr/local/teTex/"
> OK
>>   (should this in fact be /usr/local/teTex/bin?)
> NO! tex is a lot more than just the binaries. One of the installed  
> directories is bin under your specified directory.

OOPS. There is no bin file in the teTex file??? /usr/local/teTex/NO bin


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