[OS X TeX] installing texlive

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 30 16:15:27 CEST 2004

George Gio wrote:

>>> Does it need '.bash_profile' before it?
>> ??? this path setting has to be added to a file called  
>> '.bash_profile'.
> Where exactly is this file to be created? How from terminal? Or by  
> hand?

in your home directory, from the terminal with the line given below, or  
by hand if you prefer, although saving a file as .bash_profile might be  
impossible from the GUI.

>> echo 'export  
>> PATH=${PATH}:/usr/local/teTex/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin7.4:${HOME}/ 
>> bin:/sw/bin' >> .bash_profile
> This returns nothing at all.

No, and that is correct. What it should return is send to the file --  
that is redirection in action. Open the .bash_profile file in your  
favourite text editor and see what's inside.

>> (single quotes are important, it prints the right string, and instead  
>> of sending it to the terminal, it is redirected to the file  
>> .bash_profile).
>>> I am learning a lot but am not sure about these things.
>> If you really want to get into these things, I can recommend the Mac  
>> OS X in a Nutshell book from O'Reilly, although you should probably  
>> wait for the Panther/Tiger release -- that one should discuss bash,  
>> the current release still assumes tcsh.
> Perhaps I should start at the beginning. Again.

I don't think so, I think you already have things installed.

> If I want to install Tex from TexLlive I open the terminal and  
> drag"install-pkj.sh" into the terminal window and hit return?
> I end up with a menu for the installation of Tex.
> To keep this as short as possible I hit "D"
> In this window I hit "1"

(Seems OK, although I do not recall the exact menu options ...)

> In this window I  change the directory to
> "usr/local/teTex/"


>   (should this in fact be /usr/local/teTex/bin?)

NO! tex is a lot more than just the binaries. One of the installed  
directories is bin under your specified directory.

> I then type "R" to return to the main menu where I type I and hit  
> return which starts the installation
> after Tex is installed I have to set the path;
>     export  
> PATH=${PATH}:/usr/local/teTex/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin7.4:${HOME}/bin: 
> /sw/bin
> This may be darwin6.3???

Very well possible, in another mail I told you to check the version.  
For your convenience I quoted that mail below. And this is the line you  
have to add to your .bash_profile, in your home. Since a few steps ago  
you indicated you already created this file, I suggest you edit this  
(pico from the command line is probably the easiest, although BBEdit is  
better if you have it). Edit the line to use the correct darwin  
version. And remove the /bin/sw directory from the path.

> Does this look like it may be correct? Or am I lost never to be found  
> again.

IIRC yes, this should work, but make sure that the components you add  
to the PATH are valid, in other words: do an
    ls -l /usr/local/teTex/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin6.8 | grep pdfetex
and in the output the pdfetex binary (and a all formats linked to it)  
should appear. If you get "ls:  
/usr/local/teTex/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin6.3: No such file or  
directory", you should figure out the right number.

> Thank you very much for your trouble. I am lost without Tex for my  
> writing.

Note that there are a few minor differences between i-Installer and TL:  
the ${HOME}/Library/texmf directory doesn't work in the same way; you  
may have to edit the texmf.cnf file to set some paths in the same way,  
texlive uses ${HOME}/texmf -- and you could do the same if you don't  
want to edit texmf.cnf. Initially this should be nothing to worry  



On 30 jun 2004, at 10:37, Maarten Sneep wrote:

> On 30 jun 2004, at 10:34, Will Robertson wrote:
>> On 30 Jun 2004, at 5:57 PM, Maarten Sneep wrote:
>>> echo 'export  
>>> PATH=${PATH}:/usr/local/teTex/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin7.4:${HOME}/ 
>>> bin:/sw/bin' >> .bash_profile
>> I was almost finished my own reply, but this one's heaps better!
>> That line of Maartens makes it real easy, but you probably don't need  
>> the last two places in there --- I assume that's copy-pasted from the  
>> one I sent.
>> echo 'export  
>> PATH=${PATH}:/usr/local/teTex/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin7.4' >>  
>> .bash_profile
> Be sure to check the number though, as I do not recall for which  
> version of Darwin TL was compiled, 7.4 is current, but IIRC, TL was  
> compiled for 6.8, and this is reflected in the name.
>     ls /usr/local/teTex/bin/
> should indicate the correct name.

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