[OS X TeX] configuration

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Wed Jun 23 17:15:06 CEST 2004

On 23 jun 2004, at 16:18, Frans Goddijn wrote:

>> Also, the psfonts.map is a link, not the file you need itself (it is
>> linked to the real file you need, depending on whether you want pk
>> fonts (yuck) or type1 fonts).
> I see! I seem to need to edit the "updmap.cfg" file that I managed to 
> find,
> again using the apple-shift-G combination. Trouble is, the font 
> synonyms
> that gave problems in the log file aren't listed here. Like in some 
> fonts,
> the Narrow and the Obliques gave problems. In this updmap.cfg file I 
> can
> only delete entire fonts. I could do that and hope for the best... but
> subsequent i-installs will probably overwrite that file again so I 
> should
> probably save it in my own map structure.

If you comment the "offending" ones out with #! i-Installer will 
recognise that line as a disabled font, and display it as such in the 
UI. Some time ago the configuration files of teTeX were changed to make 
it easier to machine-parse them. Use that!

> By the way I *do* have a "psfonts.map" in my own
> /Library/texmf/DVIPS/CONFIG/ directory. Maybe it's not found because 
> of the
> upper caps path/name. I tried to change that into lower caps, doing a
> right-click on the map icon, but that didn't help until Hans told me 
> one
> should keep the left button down on the name for a few seconds... aha.

Selecting the directory in hte finder and giving an enter should work 
as well. Given the case preserving but case insensitive nature of the 
filing system, I would think that case doesn't matter in this case. So 
this .map file might very well collide with what you want to have.


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