[OS X TeX] Ga Garbled rbled text in TexShop PDFs

Mark Wistey wistey at snowmass.Stanford.EDU
Wed Jun 23 06:49:18 CEST 2004

I hope this isn't a FAQ or RTFM question, because I haven't been able
to find it, but I'm still new at TeXShop (and very rusty at LaTeX)...

I'm trying to generate a bibliography for someone else to use.  Since
I already have my sources in BibTeX format, I thought I'd just whip
up a quick file with nothing but citations and the bibliography, 
generate the PDF, and let them copy & paste the entries from that.
Unfortunately, although the PDF looks fine, when you use the text
extraction tool in Acrobat to copy the text, it gets garbled.  For
example, for this entry:

S. Adachi. Model dielectric constants of GaP, GaAs, GaSb,InP, InAs,
and InSb. Physical Review B (Condensed Matter),35(14):7454-63,
MAY 1987.

...It looks fine in Acrobat. But here's how it comes across after 
copying it from Acrobat and pasting it in a text editor (or here):

S. Adac Adachi hi. Model dielec dielectr tric ic constan constants ts of GaP GaP, GaAs aAs, GaS GaSb, b,
InP InP, In InAs As, an and In InSb. Sb. Physi Physical al Review eview B (Condense Condensed Matt atter er),
35(14):7 7454 454 – 63, MA MAY 1987.

Strangely enough, I don't get this problem when I run the same LaTeX
file manually with "latex file.tex" and "dvipdf file.dvi".  Is this
a problem with Acrobat, or TexShop, or teTeX, or Jaguar's PDF 
conversion, or user error?


 - Mark
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