[OS X TeX] Beginner's problem with TeXShop and .eps figures

Peter C. Young p.young at lancaster.ac.uk
Sat Jun 19 01:43:09 CEST 2004

I am a relative beginner in the art of Latex but I have used it in 
Textures for some time and found Textures to be a very well designed 
and useful implementation of Latex for a mathematically inclined 
scientist like me. However, I have been a little disappointed that 
BlueSky have not yet produced a native OSX version of Textures. As a 
result, I was attracted by references to TeXShop in tidbits-talk and 
downloaded all the the software suggested necessary by the


web-site (a rather longer process than I had expected). In order to 
test out TeXShop I then opened a large co-authored paper that was 
prepared in Textures but has also compiled without difficulty or 
changes in the PC-based Latex compiler of my co-author. I was 
impressed by the look and feel of TeXShop but, to my surprise, the 
paper did not compile fully in TeXShop, with the console informing me 
that that it could not typeset an \includegraphics.. figure 
instruction because of

!Latex Error: unknown graphics extension: .eps.

I got no complaint if I changed this to a \epsfxsize.. instruction 
but no figures appeared in the output despite this.

Since I cannot believe that a Latex compiler is unable to recognize 
an .eps extension and process a standard figure instruction 
containing this, I must be doing something wrong. I would be most 
grateful, therefore, if one of the TeXShop/Latex experts on the 
mailing list could advise me on what I need to do to overcome this 
difficulty? Perhaps I have to download still more software?

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