[OS X TeX] Help! Dissertation due and long dashes are faint.

Brian Burge-Hendrix bbh at mcmaster.ca
Wed Jun 16 16:24:52 CEST 2004


I am (finally) printing my dissertation to submit it for defence, but 
cannot solve a very frustrating and annoying problem.

My long dashes (---) are *very* faint when the text is set in 12 point. 
Of course, they're just fine at 11 point ... but university regulations 
demand that the dissertation be in 12 point! I'm completely at a loss 
as to the root cause of the problem, but I *need* to submit the 
dissertation. (Perhaps I don't need to, but after years of work I'd 
really *like* to.)

It would be an unbelievable pain to switch typestyles at this point. 
Are there any kind souls who know of a quick and dirty solution --- or 
any feasible solution --- to make the long dashes legible again?



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